Interactive Videos: How to Keep Your Viewers Engaged

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If you’re using video to communicate with your customers, you may be wondering how to make interactive videos that keep your viewers engaged and make them want to watch the entire video instead of skipping ahead or finding the next button. Fortunately, there are several simple ways you can make your interactive videos more engaging and less like an advertisement. Here are some tips on how to make interactive videos that keep viewers engaged by making sure they feel like they’re part of the action in your video and not just watching it from afar.

Do your research

There are many interactive video technology platforms you can choose from. Cinema8 is a great place to start. It provides easy-to-use, powerful tools for creating interactive videos that keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more!

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Write Down Your Goals

I want my viewers to be engaged and not lose interest. I want them to feel like they are on the journey with me, and that we are partners in crime. I want my videos to be cinematic, but also interactive.

I will use Cinema8 in all of my videos so that viewers can interact more with the content, and not just passively watch it. I am going to find a balance between video and text to make sure people who prefer one or the other have an opportunity for engagement. I’ll also incorporate music for some of my vlogs because music has been proven to increase engagement by up to 80%.

Create a Script

This is Cinema8 and today we’re going to be talking about interactive video. I’m going to show you how with a couple of simple steps, you can keep your viewers engaged. We’ll start by telling them what they will learn from the video. Next, we’ll let them know what’s coming up in the video and then tell them what’s next. After that, we’ll want to involve our audience by asking for feedback or opinions on something.

Create B-Roll / Stock Footage

If you’re creating an interactive video, you’ll need to have B-roll footage on standby. This is necessary for when the viewer has clicked on a choice and needs something else to see while they’re waiting for their next option. Stock footage can also be used in this scenario, but it’s important that the clips don’t have audio so as not to distract from what’s happening in the video.

Edit the Video Together

The first thing you will need is a video editing program. This can be done by downloading the free software, iMovie. If you have a Mac computer, this will already be installed on your computer. If not, it is available for purchase at the Apple Store for about $14.99. Once you have downloaded and opened up the program, you’ll want to import your video into the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Share the Video on Social Media, Email and Other Platforms.

Below is a video in which I share my knowledge on how to make interactive videos. I created this video because there are many people who don’t know that you can use social media, email and other platforms to expand the experience of your content. For example, if you create an interactive video with a form, people can submit their information right on the spot and receive updates from you. Watch the video below and see why social media is so important for marketing!

Add in Calls to Action (CTA)

Content isn’t just what you put on the screen, it’s the words, images, and videos that make your viewers feel like they’re a part of your story. The interactive videos below are a great example of how you can engage viewers by asking for their participation. Make sure to include CTAs throughout your video so that viewers will want to share it with others!

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