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Karachi, the metropolitan city of Pakistan, is recognized for its vivacity, rich culture, yummy food, great perspectives, and excessive farmhouses. This city is dynamic concerning offering an assortment to its investors. The megacity’s real estate industry provides a scope of houses, condos, and plots. Yet, these are not the only options accessible for investment; there is one more appealing venture choice for the people who will put resources into a multi-reason property, and that too in the rural area of the city – a farmhouse. Investing in farmhouses is particularly well known among investors nowadays. The purpose for this tendency towards farmhouses is that they can procure attractive rental pay by leasing them out for a day. Know about the master plan of Capital Smart City


You can undoubtedly track down farmhouses in the rural region of the city. The following are some of the renowned areas where you can invest in sumptuous farmhouses in Karachi:

  • Scheme 45:

Scheme 45 is one of the ideal spots for farmhouses in the city. Situated in the Northern Bypass, the undertaking offers a variety of farmhouses in a quiet, peaceful, and tranquil environment. A portion of the renowned farmhouses in this area are Shah Ghazi Village, which is a 10-minute drive from Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Dreamworld Family Resort, just 25 minutes from Sohrab Goth. This large number of reasonable farmhouses in Scheme 45 covers the area of 2 and 4 Kanal, and their costs start from PKR 50 lac to PKR 2 crores.

  • Bin Qasim Town:

Bin Qasim is a huge town in the southern part of Karachi, close to the Arabian Sea. It is lined by Gadap Town toward the north, Thatta District towards the east, the Arabian Sea towards the south, and Malir, Landhi, and Korangi local locations towards the west. You will find 4 and 12 Kanal farmhouses in Bin Qasim Town. A few farmhouses are spread over more than 42 and 67 Kanal too. The cost range for farmhouses in Bin Qasim Town begins from PKR 2 crore to as high as PKR 22 crore.

  • Gadap Town:

Gadap Town is situated on the north side of Karachi. The town comprises eight union councils and offers a great variety of farmhouses. The well-known classification of farmhouses in the area is 2, 4, 7, and 9 Kanals. Gadap Town is spread over a huge region. Subsequently, there’s a fair opportunity that you will notice a lot of variety regarding costs. Notwithstanding, the costs will greatly rely upon the area and vicinity to the midtown. According to a rough estimate, you can get a farmhouse in Gadap if your reach is from 50 lac to 3 crores.

  • Superhighway:

There are numerous farmhouses located on the superhighway available to be purchased. Without much of a stretch, you can track down various sizes like 2, 4, and 8 Kanal. Depending upon size and area, farmhouses on the highway can cost you PKR 90 lac to around three crores. Besides, you can buy these plots in simple portions by booking them at a 30% initial investment. You can pay the remaining installment through a cash deposit on a monthly payment basis. Do you want to buy a plot in Lahore Smart City?

  • DHA City:

Like Bahria Town, Karachi, DHA City is also situated on the edges. It’s the ideal setting for an end-of-the-week retreat. You will track down a lot of super modern and rich farmhouses on sale in DHA City, Karachi. The costs range from PKR 4.85 crore to PKR 7 crore.

DHA City Oasis Phase 1 offers a sumptuous 4 Kanal farmhouse in DHA City – Sector 1. The most awesome aspect of putting resources into DHA City Oasis is the transfer fee, which contains around PKR 10 lakh, which is excluded. These farmhouses accompany an extensive yard, pool, totally functional kitchen, and imported installations, giving them a cutting-edge and contemporary viewpoint.

  • Bahria Town:

Bahria Town offers you many rich farmhouses with a high sticker price. You will track down the supreme location, offices, and conveniences that merit the price tag. It is arranged on the city’s edges and offers different property choices. Bahria Town offers farmhouses in various sizes like 2, 4, 8, and, surprisingly, as extensive as 12 Kanal. The costs of farmhouses in Bahria start from 4 crores and go as high as PKR 9 crores. Read about our new project New Metro city.

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