Why Does My iPhone Automatically Dial Voicemail? The Solution

iPhone call goes straight to voicemail

Nothing is more of a blunder than a phone that does not ring when a notification is received. No one likes to miss a text message or a phone call because they can miss crucial information. But what do you do if an iPhone call goes straight to voicemail because your phone did not ring?

It’s always a bummer when you miss a call, and there are a variety of reasons why this could happen. It’s possible that your notification is set to silence or that you set Do Not Disturb by accident. You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re wondering why your iPhone call goes straight to voicemail.

When Your iPhone Call Goes Straight to Voicemail, Here’s How to Fix It.

As previously said, there could be several reasons why iPhone call goes straight to voicemail. However, you can always phone the other person back, so it’s not a complete problem. If it’s possible to prevent it, you’d rather take the call. As a result, here are several reasons why your iPhone call goes directly to voicemail and how to fix it.

Turn Off Your DND.

DND (Do Not Disturb) is an iPhone function that allows you to turn off notifications for a set period of time so you can focus on work, study, or resting. DND has been replaced by Focus in iOS 15, which is a more comprehensive function than DND. Regardless, they have the same function. This function also allows it to prevent incoming text message notifications and phone calls. When DND is enabled, all iPhone calls are routed to voicemail.

The Airplane Mode is Activated

When you need to restrict cellular reception, or if you’re on a plane, Airplane Mode comes in handy. It’s also useful for avoiding detection by GPS or the Find My app. It is, however, one of the reasons why iPhone call goes straight to voicemail. Check whether Airplane Mode is on the next time calls from one contact go straight to voicemail on your iPhone. Here’s how to see if Airplane Mode is enabled:

  • You’re in Airplane Mode if you see an aeroplane icon next to the battery icon.
  • To access Control Center, swipe down from your screen.
  • To turn off Airplane Mode, tap the aeroplane icon in the upper left-hand group on the screen.
  • You may also turn off Airplane Mode from the Settings menu: go to Settings and turn off Airplane Mode.

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Make Calls Public

Announce calls is a new iOS feature that allows Siri to announce who is calling. This is useful if you want to know who is calling and if they should be answered right away or if they may be ignored and called again later. This feature may not function properly if you have your earbuds on. As a result, let’s adjust a few settings to make it work:

  • Scroll down to Phone in the Settings menu.
  • Tap Calls to Announce.
  • Make sure the settings are set to Always.
  • When your iPhone is linked to headphones, it will announce incoming calls. You also don’t have to worry about calls going to voicemail.

Check the Unknown Contacts Settings

When iOS 13 was released, it included a fantastic new feature that allowed users to screen unfamiliar callers/contacts and have their calls sent to voicemail automatically. Furthermore, when we consider security concerns, this functionality proved quite useful in deterring scammers. This isn’t always the case, as friends and family members may have changed their phone numbers without our knowledge.

  • To turn off this feature, type:
  • Scroll down to Phone under Settings.
  • Next, pick Silence Unknown Callers from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the dial off if the feature is enabled.

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