Is Astrologer Predictions are True?

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Astrology is a profession that is flourishing its roots significantly for a long while and today we can see every news channel is having at least one slot registered for astrologers. We have renowned astrologers like Jai Madaan and many others on the list and all of their claims to predict the future of people. So today we will discuss whether astrologers’ predictions are true or they just beat around the bushes to bag down money. People become fishy when they see that astrologer who does not want to reveal their minor personal details like we don’t know about Jai Madaan age really predict true about other’s life or not.

Meaning of Astrology and how does it impact our life?

Astrology as we all know deals with the reading of stars and their orientation during the birth of a person and their impact on the life of a human being. Astrologers claim that the position of stars at the time of birth really matters in the life of a human being whether he will have a happy or sad life. There are many people who trust astrologers and therefore take an appointment with them in return for a good amount of money and claim the good impact of astrology on their life. People believe that if they will get a prediction of their life from astrologers it will be easier to be proactive and get rid of challenges they are going to encounter in the future.

How does an Astrologer claim to predict the future of people?

Astrologers can read the starts and their position and how they impact humans. By analyzing the behavior of different stars in different orientations they can also help people get rid of problems in their life by trying certain remedies to lower the negative impact of stars in the wrong position. This is how astrologer believes in their profession of predicting the future of people and helping them to stay away from life issues with remedies.

The scientific and empirical evidence of Astrology

Although astrology is widely accepted in society and people have a great belief in it but still it is not backed by science and has no empirical evidence as well. Some people neither object nor believe in astrology and others are in the core group of those who follow astrology religiously. But as long as science is concerned it does not give any green signal to astrology for predicting the future of people. This is because science claims that many people sharing the same time of birth do not have similar lives and there are so many limitations for predictions made on the basis of astrology and they are contradictory as well.

Why do many People find Astrology obsolete and irrelevant

The irrelevance of Astrology is found by many who find no positive results which are visible to change their life with predictions based on astrology. They think that if astrology can get everything then the gulf between poor and rich cannot be that wide as people can become rich by taking the help of astrology and its remedies to come out of poverty. More people having the same zodiac signs face serious differences in terms of money and health. Based on these grounds many people omit the idea and relevance of astrology along with its predictions.

Reasons why people still believe in Astrology in a world of science and technology

Though astrology is considered irrelevant and obsolete by science still people have good faith in astrology that we can see around us. People who are highly baffled and unhappy in their life go to astrologers and it is a belief system for them in such negative situations. We can say that they do not want to lose hope and that is why to make their belief in astrology to get out of their problems.

So we can conclude to a point that astrology though not have any scientific proof but still many people still trust in astronomy and we cannot omit it completely. Those who believe that astrology has made serious improvements in their life cannot be ignored as we have no proof of the existence of God but still many of us believe in such power and its existence and we can apply the same principle to astrology as well.

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