Is Blimpie Sandwiches Still In Business

Is Blimpie Sandwiches Still In Business
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Blimpie used to be one of the most popular sandwich chains in America, but over the past decade or so, it has seen some major competition from other chains, such as Subway and Quiznos.

Is Blimpie still in business? Unfortunately, many of the locations that are still open are franchises rather than company-owned, which means that their influence on the sandwich market has declined significantly.

How it was started

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There’s no denying that Subway sandwich shops are everywhere. But the most common question from people who are looking for a good sub: Is Blimpie still in business? In fact, it’s not just in business – it’s still run by its founding family.

The idea behind the name came from founder Bob Ligouri, who wanted to call his sandwich shop Blimpie. He felt like a blimp was a nice word because it was full of air and floated around, but he couldn’t trademark blimp. So he used an alternate spelling of his own name and made some sandwiches.

Menu items

is Blimpie still in business? It’s been a little while since I heard anything about the company. They used to make some really great subs, but I don’t know what they’re up to these days.

Maybe their new menu items are so good that it made me forget about their old menu items. Do you know if blimps still make sandwiches?

Some Interesting Facts

The Blimpie Sandwich Company, more commonly known as Blimpie, was founded in 1964 by Greek-American brothers Jimmy and George Pappas. It has grown to become a popular fast-food restaurant chain that offers up affordable subs, pizzas, and salads.

You can find a branch in the majority of states across the U.S., which is pretty impressive considering its humble beginnings in Newark, NJ where it was originally established to help finance their father’s gas station.

The company has become so well-known that there are several locations

around the world including Japan and Trinidad. But, even with its rapid growth throughout the years and now being a household name worldwide – is Blimpie still in business?

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Blimpies has been in business for over 55 years, but recently the company’s parent company went into bankruptcy and closed many stores across the country. The bankruptcy is not Blimpie’s only issue: several of their former employees are suing the restaurant chain for unpaid wages. These developments may lead you to wonder, is Blimpie still in business?

Blimpie Used To Be One Of The Most Popular Sandwich Chains In America

Blimpie is a fast food sandwich chain founded in 1964 by two brothers, Pat and Harry Giannoulas. The company was originally named for the brothers’ initials. It was one of the most popular sandwich chains in America from the 1970s until the mid-2000s when it filed for bankruptcy. The company has since emerged from bankruptcy and has seen the business grow to $1 billion in annual sales, but it’s unclear if this growth will continue.

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