Is Dissertation Proposal A Must to Get a PhD Degree?

Is a dissertation proposal a must to get a PhD degree? This question comes to the mind of every student pursuing a PhD degree. A PHD degree can be completed only when students have written dissertations in their respective disciplines. When it comes to writing a dissertation, it’s not an easy task; in fact, it is the research work of decades that is required to start this daunting task. But the people who have already done this work can be handy for those attempting it for the first time. Therefore, many UK students seek help from Dissertation Proposal Writing Service UK.

However, many students are unable to pay the proposal writing fees. To facilitate a smooth experience in writing a PhD dissertation proposal, follow the tips presented by proposal experts.

Present a Complete and Formatted Bibliography Section

When students write PhD dissertation proposals, selecting appropriate resources is essential. This means that students must demonstrate access to various resources such as online journals, online books resources and public libraries. The first thing the examiner looks at is the list of bibliographies; if the student fails to present an actual bibliography, it is hard to convince the examiner. Therefore, it is essential to include a separate and adequately formatted bibliography section at the end of the proposal.

Bring your Original Contribution to the Table

All types of proposals require students to present their original ideas comprehensively. Students must present their contribution impressively; otherwise, the committee will not go through the dissertation and eventually reject it. Original contributions should not only be presented in the introduction but they should be highlighted in the entire paper. It is a way to convince the examiner that you understand the research topic and are ready to develop an excellent dissertation.

Introduction and Methodology

To impress the examiner, it is important to write a proper introduction length. A short introduction suggests that the student failed to demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject. Similarly, an incomplete methodology also harms the student because it symbolizes signs of fatigue and reaching a deadlock. Therefore, it is important to present sufficient information in the introduction and methodology so the examiner must know how you planned your dissertation. You can check Essays.Uk samples of the introduction and methodology chapter for a better understanding.  

Less Use of Online Sources

Using the internet for resources is not a bad strategy for citing online works. The problem arises when it comes to differentiating between different blogs available online. For instance, when you search the web, finding the difference between various opinioned sources and academic articles is hard. Therefore, it is critical to use authentic resources for the research process.


PhD level students cannot rely on auto spell checks; they must recheck their spellings once or thrice or, if possible, more times. Typos can happen, and they can hide from the spell check detectors. Therefore it is always better to manually recheck all the spellings to avoid loss of reputation and marks.

End Note

The dissertation proposal shows that students can complete the work according to specifications. It helps to ensure they will be recognized for their hard work and determination.

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