Is It Actually Safe to Use VPN?

Is It Actually Safe to Use VPN?

We know that many people use VPNs, whether it’s for remote access purposes or just to protect personal identity.

In fact, according to Statista data released in 2018, both India and Indonesia are the countries with the largest VPN usage in the world.

Even though many are using it, there are still some questions that are often a problem for VPN users.

Do you think it is safe to use a VPN? The answer is that a VPN can establish a secure connection, depending on the protocol you use to connect. However, you still need to use the recommendable services, like iTop VPN, for example.

In that, it must be acknowledged that this service has a number of loopholes that are prone to hacking. Hackers can steal data through the hijacking process.

These events are especially true for VPN services that are free. Therefore, it is not recommended to carry out important activities such as online banking using a VPN.

However, some people who’ve never tried VPN may start wondering about one thing. Is it actually safe to use a VPN? Could it be harmful to the devices?

The Cons of Using VPN

Although it offers a variety of benefits, it turns out that there are some disadvantages to using a VPN.

The thing that is usually experienced by VPN users is that the connection is usually slow and unstable. This is one disadvantage that is quite annoying to users. That’s why you need to download VPN for PC but only install the recommended ones.

In addition, VPNs also apply user restrictions, so they cannot be used by many people directly. However, this is highly related to the regulations of the government. If the government uses the whitelist regulation, which really limits internet access through DNS configuration, even a VPN can bypass this.

So, know what’s the problem around you first, and know what’s blocking access to certain websites. Is it because the government simply blocks it, or is it actually the result of whitelisting?

When Is The Best Time to Use VPN Service?

Well, we already know that using a VPN is not completely problem-free; that’s why we recommend using only the best VPN in UAE. So, when should we use it? Here’s the answer:

  • When you want to hide your activities from people who want to hack or other crimes
  • When you want to get a more secure connection when using public Wi-Fi
  • When you want to access Google or other content that is blocked in a certain country.


Thus a brief explanation of what a VPN  is and the benefits of this service.

Broadly speaking, a VPN for PC is a service that makes it easy for people to hide their IPs from being tracked by malicious people.

Beyond that, as with other technology services, it’s not 100% secure. Therefore, you must know when is the right time to use it.

Plus, you also need to know what are the best VPN services you can consider. Since there are way too many options available in the market, it could easily make you feel confused and overwhelmed.

So, try to know about what are the top VPN services out there, start making a comparison by listing the prices and features, and then pick the one that’s most suitable for you.


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