Is Muslim Court Marriage Pakistan Possible Online?

Muslim Court Marriage Pakistan:

 If you need services of Muslim court marriage Pakistan or online nikah service, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. A woman may obtain a ruling of dissolution, either by relying on the khula or any other basis specified under the Dissolution of the Muslim Marriages Act (DMMA) 1939 according to the specifics and circumstances of her particular case. Notice: Under the law (MFLO) on court marriage Pakistan or online nikah service, which is enforced in Pakistan, the divorce of marriage, regardless of the form, including the talaq form, can be immediate in effect.

Dissolution of Marriage:

Additionally, the dissolution of marriage, in any form, can be revoked within the stipulated time. It can be annulled by the person who made the dissolution. It is only in the event of Mubar’at one party cannot remove it, and it needs to be taken jointly by the husband and wife. TalaqThe 7th section of MFLO for court marriage Pakistan or online nikah service provides the process to be followed by a husband who wishes to end his marriage under the form of talaq.

Verbal talaq:

Following the pronouncement of talaq in any form (verbal or in writing), the husband is required to make a talaq notice to the chairman of the Union Council (where the wife is living when the pronouncement of the talaq) along with a copy to his wife. In the event of receiving such a notification, the chairman must create the Arbitration Council consisting of one person representing the spouse and husband as well as the chairman.

Online Nikah Services:

Regarding the court marriage Pakistan or online nikah service, the Arbitration Council Arbitration Council attempts a reconciliation between the parties, however in the event that reconciliation fails and the 90 days time period ends (from to the day of the notice’s receipt of the chairman), the talaq will become valid unless the husband been able to revoke it, either in writing or otherwise, within the 90-day period. NOTE: In case the wife becomes pregnant, the time of reconciliation will last until the baby’s birth or for 90 days, whichever is over. There is no court order needed for talaq to be effective after court marriage Pakistan or online nikah service.


The chairman is the one who records his proceedings in Arbitration Council. Arbitration Council, and in case there is no reconciliation within the specified period of one year, he will record the reason for the non-reconciliation among the parties. He will give a copy of this recording to each of the parties.

1st Notice:

When the first notice is received, the 90 day period is deemed to have been established, and the parties are summoned three times (once every thirty days) to appear before the chairman of the Arbitration Council, where they are asked if a reconciliation between them could be possible. Even if one party wishes to make peace and the other party is required to accept the proposal. The common usage of Union Council issuing a certificate declaring that the talaq is to be effective is without legal foundation.

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