Is the CCNA exam hard?

To acquire the fundamental knowledge, comprehension, and skills needed for network administration and support, one must take the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course. The CCNP certification is built on top of it. But are there any difficulties with earning a CCNA?

If you study well, passing the CCNA test is easy. It takes 90 minutes to finish this 50–60 question test. However, you’ll need to study extensively to pass this test because it covers various Information Technologies (IT) fundamentals.

The (CCNA) exam is the most popular IT certification test. But is it still a difficult task? Or is it something that, with enough practice, everyone can accomplish? We’ll explore this issue in-depth and decide whether the CCNA credential is useful in today’s post.

The CCNA Exam: How Hard Is It?

Some people consider the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) test to be one of the toughest Cisco exams. It has grown in popularity since it covers a substantial quantity of material in a brief length of time.

With so many things to cover, it could be not easy to keep track of everything. Even if you are an experienced network worker, keeping up with all the new information you need to learn could be difficult. So, is CCNA Beneficial For Novices?

Utilize various tools to help you study for this exam and acquire the knowledge and abilities required to ace it. In addition, candidates who want this certification can benefit from the training Cisco offers.

Additionally, they offer a range of publications that cover the subjects and will be looked at during this examination. Additional independent third-party organizations offer training courses and sample exams. Utilize the resources you have at your disposal and make an effort to educate yourself as much as you can before the event.

Examination Details

The 200-301 exam, which took the place of the previous 200-125 test and was largely concerned with Switching and Routing operations, is necessary to obtain the CCNA certification. The new test is organized into multiple sections focused on various themes and has substantially more substance.

You get two hours to complete the test, which is standard for certification exams. However, you must effectively manage your time to ensure you can answer the questions.

What Alternatives Do You Have for CCNA Exam Preparation?

The certification provides many tools to help you prepare for the exam, including practice exams, trainer training, and hands-on training. In addition, you can choose the format that best matches your needs from paper and digital copies of the course materials. Read: Is CCNA a Simple Exam?

– Get to know the CCNA Exam.

You need to know the exact requirements to pass the test. Their credentials include the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

The CCNA page offers basic information and a very helpful summary of the various topics. In addition, it links to legitimate training resources, exam topics, practice exams, and other study aids.

From there, you can participate in webinars, join a supervised study group, discover more about the exam, and advise preparation. Of course, one essential piece of information to understand is the exam subjects. This is the starting place for everything.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to create a study schedule because you will need to know what you’ll be learning.

– Instruction by Instructor

There are three main options to consider when getting ready for the test, and each one will affect how the entire course will go differently. The first option is trainer training, which consists of 5 days of classroom instruction and three days of independent study afterwards.

– Online Training with Instructor

In terms of features, this choice is directly comparable to the first. However, you will be able to do all of your studying at the convenience of your home or place of employment.

-Online Education

This option translates to 8 days of typical classroom instruction taking place online. You can study whenever it’s most convenient for you.

-Pass CCNA certification practice exams.

Examining yourself on practice tests is a great method to gain a feel for the environment of the actual test. This also helps you become more accustomed to how inquiries are phrased. When you have some free time, answering a set of 10–20 questions could seem convenient, but each applicant should complete a full mock test at least three times before applying.

-Awareness of Your Weakness

Candidates must identify their areas of weakness before taking the CCNA exam, which will require additional preparation and effort. After the list has been created, take more time to get more in-depth information about the areas deemed lacking. You can overcome your flaws by turning them into your strengths. To get more info, click the link


This does not, however, imply that you should downplay your strengths. On the contrary, you can adjust your study strategy following your skills and shortcomings to make the most of your time and effort.

Last Words

The courseware and more than 140 sessions are accessible to supplement your learning process and total more than 20 hours of knowledge.

If you need help understanding the explanation offered in the textbook, the lectures may be especially helpful because they frequently provide a different interpretation of the topic.

With all the materials available, you should be able to complete the necessary coursework before taking the exam, giving you a good chance of earning the certification. For more info, click over here.

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