Is the handcart suitable for children?

Is the handcart suitable for children?
Is the handcart suitable for children?

The ride with the handcart is an exciting experience for children. customize your own hoverboard they are only too happy to take a seat in the loading area and enjoy rolling through the landscape. No matter where the journey goes, the kids have a wonderful view from the handcart. In order for the pleasure to last even on long excursions, a handcart for children must meet some requirements. A high quality of workmanship is important.

In addition, the handcart should be as stable as possible and must not tilt. Basically, kids can also ride in a handcart with a plastic tub. On uneven paths, however, it can sometimes be bumpy and sitting on hard plastic for a long time is not necessarily comfortable. Therefore, an upholstered seat is more comfortable for long trips. Your little passengers will be even more comfortable if the side walls are also provided with padded fabric. If it goes over hill and dale, the upholstery protects against bruises. On a thickly padded loading area, small children can even sleep on the go.

How big should a handcart for children be?

How big the handcart for children should be, of course, depends primarily on how many kids want to ride along. For two children, the loading area should be about 100 cm long and 50 cm wide. The foldable handcarts and the MB-700 handcart can each accommodate two children. The dumper is designed more for gardening.

Foldable handcart MB-20 – ideal for family outings

Kids have plenty of space in the Miweba handcart MB-20. The loading area is 120 cm long and 50 cm wide. On the softly padded tarpaulin, two children can make themselves comfortable. The thick frame padding offers a particularly high level of comfort. But these are by no means the only advantages: The MB-20 is also pleasantly light and since the handcart is foldable, it fits into the smallest corner at home. In addition to a pull bar, it also has a push bar and can be pushed like a stroller. Drinks, snacks and toys can be stored in the side compartments and the XXL storage compartment. If you take a break on the road, the parking brakes at the rear and front ensure that the car does not become independent. The removable sun canopy protects the kids from UV radiation. The 45 mm wide, 360 degree rotatable hard rubber tires roll safely over the asphalt, gravel and forest paths. If your child wants to drive himself instead of being constantly dragged around, we recommend our cool children’s electric cars.

Material and cleaning of the handcart

In order for a handcart to last a long time, it should be made of a material that is as robust as possible. As a classic handcart for gardening, our dumper has a robust PP tub that can be easily cleaned with the water hose. Our foldable hand carts for children have a sturdy steel frame with protective paint and a polyester cover. In the large selection of attractive, bright colors, every child will certainly find his favorite shade. The handcarts with polyester cover not only look great, they are also very weather-resistant. Polyester fibers are characterized by their high tensile strength. In contrast to other materials, polyester also absorbs little water and dries quickly. The polyester cover for our foldable handcarts is also UV-resistant. The foldable handcarts with roof MB-10 and MB-20 therefore effectively protect your children from sunburn. The fabric is only attached to the steel frame with Velcro fasteners and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Our tip: Polyester is very easy to clean. different typesof stakeboards water and conventional detergent are usually sufficient. You can simply remove the cover and spray it off with the garden hose. To remove more stubborn dirt, process stains with a sponge and some detergent. Then let the cover dry in the sun. In this way, the moisture can escape from the tissue. The sun’s radiation also prevents mold and kills bacteria.

Is the handcart already delivered fully assembled?

Every classic and every foldable handcart from Miweba comes fully assembled to your home. This saves you a time-consuming and time-consuming assembly. Instead of laboriously mounting the wheels on the chassis and screwing on the loading area, simply unpack your new handcart and use it immediately. Your children do not have to wait long but can take a seat directly in their new handcart and let themselves be pulled through the area.

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