Is Your City Ready for a Watt LED Street Light?

With LEDs offering up to 80% energy savings and up to 50% maintenance savings, most cities are ready to make the switch from high-pressure sodium (HPS) and mercury vapor (MV) street lights to LEDs. But there’s one thing that can stand in the way of full LED adoption, even when all other criteria are met: light color and quality. Before you try and convince your city to change over to LEDs, check if the LED bulbs you’re considering use decent quality phosphors, as well as what color temperature those phosphors create when emitting light.

The Benefits of LED

A study from GRNLED shows that, in many cases, replacing an existing 400 watt led street light with a more efficient street light 200w, such as one of their products, will pay for itself within the first two years. They also found that the average city can save over $1 million dollars each year by using their street lights.

Energy savings

Using an energy-efficient light bulb such as GRNLED’s can save you money on your electricity bill, thus making it cheaper to maintain the lights. Plus, with our street light 200w, 400 watt led street light LEDs, you won’t have to worry about increased maintenance costs and decreased service life!

Operational cost savings

As of the year 2020, GRNLED will be the first street light on the market that is rated at 200 watts or less. With an average cost to install of $800, it’s clear that GRNLED offers significant operational cost savings over 400 watt led street lights.

Maintenance cost savings

If you’re looking to reduce maintenance cost, upgrading to an LED street light is the easiest way to do it. A 400 watt led street light is only around $200, and an 8 watt led street light is only $50. Not only are these lights more energy efficient and eco-friendly, but they also save you money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs.

Warranty details

The street light 200w is made to last 10 years with no maintenance required. The LEDs are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, during the warranty period.

If you’re ready to switch your old street lights over to more energy efficient ones, it’s important that you know what your city can offer. Some cities have programs that will pay for the installation of new lamps, but others won’t unless you’re willing to wait a long time on the waiting list.

Maintenance contract options

If you’re considering switching to LEDs, you might be wondering what maintenance will be like. Well, the good news is that your risk of needing to fix an LED light is much lower than it would be with an HID or fluorescent fixture. With LEDs, there are no ballasts to leak and no electrodes to burn out. No matter what happens, the most likely result is that the light just shuts off.

The downside with LEDs is that they don’t produce as much heat.

Equipment warranty information

The lamp has an average life of 50,000 hours and is backed by a 5 year warranty. This helps to ensure that your LED Street light will be functional for years to come.

Customer service contact information

To learn more about our street lights or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help.

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