Is Your Rockspace WiFi Extender Not Working? Let’s Fix!

Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup
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Are you having trouble with your Rockspace WiFi extender? Don’t worry! You are not alone! There are many reasons why your Rockspace WiFi extender might not work. These include: partial Rockspace WiFi extender setup, loose cables, improper power supply, technical glitches and WiFi signal interference. The troubleshooting tips in this article will help you no matter what the cause of “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem.

You can resolve the “Rockspace WiFi extender is not working” problem in 3 minutes or less by following these steps. Let’s get started!

Rockspace WiFi Extender Not Working Issue

Troubleshooting Tips

Restart Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

Your Rockspace WiFi range extender’s performance can be affected by technical glitches. It is recommended that you power cycle or restart your Rockspace WiFi extender to resolve the problem quickly. Follow the below instructions to learn how to restart your device.

  • Rockspace WiFi extender not being plugged in to the wall outlet
  • All devices connected to the extender’s SSID should be disconnected
  • Relax and let your Rockspace WiFi extender cool off
  • Next, plug the Rockspace WiFi extender in and turn it on.

Check if you still have the “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem. If so, the next troubleshooting tip should be helpful. Keep scrolling down!

Check the Power Supply

A bad or insufficient power supply can also cause a “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem. Check whether the Rockspace WiFi extender receives enough power from the wall outlet. You should also check that the outlet you used to power your extender works. If it isn’t, you may have a Rockspace WiFi extender problem. Replace the wall socket to fix the problem.

Connect your Extender and Router

Your extender may not be properly connected to your router, which could also explain why the “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” error message is appearing. Make sure both devices are properly connected. You can check whether the connection was made correctly by accessing Rockspace WiFi repeater login page at re.rockspace.local.

Update Rockspace Extender Firmware

You can also resolve the “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem by updating Rockspace WiFi extender firmware. The Rockspace WiFi extender firmware can also be updated to improve its performance.

To update Rockspace WiFi extender firmware go to its official website using re.rockspace.local. Follow the instructions to update according to your model.

You will be able to fix the “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem by updating your firmware. If the problem persists, your Rockspace WiFi extension model does not need to be updated.

Reset Extender

If your Rockspace WiFi extender is still not working after trying the above fixes, it could be a serious problem. Resetting your device to factory default settings is the only way to fix “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem.

Rockspace WiFi extender can be reset by pressing the reset button on the device. After holding the reset button for a while, release the reset button.

After your Rockspace WiFi extender has been reset, you can configure it from scratch again. How? You can navigate to Rockspace WiFi extender page via . Follow the instructions on screen to complete Rockspace WiFi extender configuration in no time.

A Nutshell

All this was to fix the “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem. We hope you find the solutions to your “Rockspace WiFi extension not working” problem in no more than three minutes.

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