Jazz Bands: Adding Ambiance and Style to Your Wedding Reception 

Jazz bands for weddings are a fantastic way to ensure that your wedding reception is the most memorable of events and will have everyone talking about it for weeks to come. Wedding receptions tend to be the most formal events, so jazz band acts are ideal because they allow everyone to let their hair down and get into the spirit of things. When searching for jazz bands for weddings, keep in mind that quality does matter. If possible, you should book at least two years in advance; this will give you plenty of time to find a great band with an excellent reputation.

Choose a Suitable Band Size and Style.

Deciding which type of jazz band to hire is the first step in ensuring your wedding day goes off without a hitch. Consider the style of jazz music you wish to incorporate into your reception and be sure that whoever you hire has the necessary experience to play it properly. Bigger bands might be more suitable for larger venues, while smaller pieces are great for more intimate gatherings. Once you’ve chosen your band, make sure they’re familiar with any requests you may have before your wedding day.

Consider the Venue for Set Up and Logistics.

You should discuss the specific details of your wedding venue with the band leader before booking a performance. It’s important to inquire about secure staging areas, size and space requirements, power outlets for audio equipment, and whether any special access needs to be provided to ensure set up and tear down is as effectively managed as possible. Additionally, parking availability is something you’ll need to consider if the band will be arriving with their instruments or equipment. Make sure your jazz band can safely transport it inside the venue on time without running into logistical issues.

Know What Equipment You Need to Provide 

Depending on the band’s size and instrumentation, you may need to provide venue support equipment such as stands, microphones and amplifiers. Check with your band leader beforehand and make sure you have discussed exactly what is required. If any additional costs are involved, be sure to include them in your contract. Be sure to also inquire about lighting and sound equipment; for example, do they bring their sound system or does the venue provide one? Knowing this information ahead of time will ensure that your wedding reception has a successful musical accompaniment.

Make Sure the Musicians Are Experienced and Reliable 

The musicians you choose to provide the entertainment for your wedding should be experienced and reliable. Make sure they are knowledgeable of the venue requirements, such as sound system components, any extra personal items that might be necessary and the meaning behind certain jazz pieces. Don’t hesitate to ask for references; this will give you an idea of how other couples felt about the band’s performance at their weddings. In addition, take a few minutes to listen to a few recordings or observe them practising if possible, before making your final decision.

Discuss Your Playlist in Advance with Your Band Leader

Once you’ve decided to hire a jazz band, be sure to discuss the playlist with your band leader in advance. Choose songs that best fit your style and incorporate personal touches throughout. You may want to select pieces for during dinner when people are dancing, or even after the wedding as everyone is leaving. Focus on genres you and your guests enjoy, and make sure any special requests are included, like your first dance song. Waiting until the last minute to determine the playlist could result in disappointment. Allowing sufficient time ensures that each performance will be up to par.


Jazz bands are a great choice for any wedding reception that wants to add an elegant and stylish atmosphere. From traditional jazz music to more modern pieces, they have the perfect mix of songs to keep your guests entertained all night long. For couples who want their special day to stand out from the rest and make it truly memorable, hiring a jazz band is one way to achieve this goal!


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