Jignesh Shah: A man on a mission of financial revolution

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The recent years have seen India churn out a fair number of successful startup stories, both by measure of financial success and viability as well as impact. But then this is not particularly a new phenomenon.

India has been home to many brilliant technocrats, who have not only spawned some of the most celebrated companies in the world, but in some cases have completely revolutionized the ecosystem they operate in. A shining example of one such creator is fintech entrepreneur, Jignesh Shah. After successfully transforming the commodities markets in India and developing an entire ecosystem to support the financial markets, Jignesh Shah has now his eyes set on going a step further, and revolutionizing things at the grassroot level to create job opportunities for millions.

Jignesh Shah has always stressed on the importance of creating a market for the masses that benefits the end-consumer. His absolute resolve has been to achieve this, coupled with clearly conducive  conditions for entering the Agritech space have spurred a renewed focus in the man who is known to convert almost every dream he has had into reality. 

As per Traxcn data, the last couple of years have witnessed a fair amount of interest by way of funding in the Agritech. Funding grew from just over US$ 70 million in 2018 to nearly US$ 250 million in 2019. If these trends are anything to go by, Jignesh Shah is definitely envisioning a brighter future for Indian entrepreneurs and their startups. And with him being on mission to mentor and cultivate as many startups in the Agritech space in order to enable them to become job creators, we definitely have some interesting ventures to watch out for in the very near future. 

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