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johnny lever net worth
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Bollywood comedian and actor Johnny Lever is among the wealthiest and most beloved entertainers in the country. Many Bollywood films are famous because of his work over the years as an actor and comedian. One of the best comedians in India, Johnny Lever has served as an example for upcoming comedy actors. We’ll examine johnny lever net worth and sources of income in this post. We’ll find out more about him and his family as well. But first, let’s learn a little bit about him.

Early Life

In Andhra Pradesh, on August 14, 1957, Johnny Lever was born to a Christian Telegu family. John Prakash Rao Janumala is his true name. In 2022, Johnny Lever will be 65 years old. Leo is Johnny Lever’s horoscope sign. The majority of Johnny Lever’s boyhood was spent in Mumbai’s King’s Circle. 

He was only able to finish the seventh grade in an Andhra Telugu school because of financial limitations. In order to provide for his family, Johnny Lever was forced to work a variety of odd jobs, such as selling pens on the streets of Mumbai. Also he did it in a creative and artistic way by dancing to Bollywood dance songs or acting like Bollywood performers.

He not only lived in Mumbai but also spent a while in Hyderabad’s historic Yakutpura district, where he was first exposed to this distinctive brand of humor. Classic comics like Johnny Walker, Mehmood, and Kishore Kumar served as some of his first influences. He also took inspiration from theatrical actors like Dinesh Hingoo. He was encouraged to continue his interest in humor and mimicry by his tutor, Pratap Jani. Additionally, he met Ram Kumar, a master of imitation who taught him the basics of the discipline. Keep reading to know more about johnny lever net worth and more.


He began working at the Hindustan Lever factory with his father, where he also entertained his coworkers by mimicking various actors. He also gave performances at events that Hindustan Lever hosted.

Later, he participated in musical performances hosted by the famous Kalyanji- Anandji and Tabassum Hit Parade (a music director duo). To know about johnny lever net worth, continue reading.

Lever performed on numerous of their globe tours and appearances, but his first significant tour was in 1982 with Amitabh Bachchan. On one of his subsequent tours, actor Sunil Dutt saw Johnny’s ability and gave him the lead role in his next film, Dar ka Rishta (1982). He then recorded the humorous cassette “Hasi ke Hangame,” which established his voice as a familiar one in audio media and helped him get additional notoriety. 

He appeared in a charity performance in 1986 in front of well-known actors from Hindi movies. Producer Gul Anand recognized his talent and offered him the role of Naseeruddin Shah in the movie Jalwa (1987). He appeared in many other films in the 1980s, including Tum Par Hum Qurban. Notable films he appeared in during this time period include Tezaab, Kasam, Kishan Kanhaiya, Khatarnak, and Hero Hiralal. From these movies he made a reasonable amount of money hence johnny lever net worth started to increase from then.

His biggest breakthrough and success came in the 1990s with the film Baazigar, which included his most lauded and celebrated portrayal of the character “Babulal.” He kept performing on stage, which was his original mode of entertainment, despite his busy movie projects.

In 2011, he contributed to the Tamil film “Anbirrku Allavilai.” In 2007, he served as one of the program’s judges. He participated in many movies from the late 2000s that are beloved for their hilarious acting and inside jokes, including Houseful and Hera Phiri, Phir Hera Pheri. Regarding johnny lever net worth.

Johnny Lever’s Family

India’s Kanigiri is the birthplace of Johnny Lever. Actually, he comes from a Telugu family. His father’s name is Prakash Rao. Johnny Lever’s mother’s name is Karunamma Janumala. The father of Johnny Levers once worked as an operator. He was working with Hindustan Lever Limited in the plant division. The oldest child in his family is Johnny Lever. We can see that he only has one sibling, Jimmy Moses, when it comes to his siblings. If you are interested to know about johnny lever net worth then keep reading more.

He has three sisters as well. No one in his family worked in the Indian film or television businesses. He was the one who decided to start doing stand-up comedy on both small and big screens. 

Sujatha Lever is the wife of Johnny Lever. 1984 marked the year of his marriage to Sujatha. A kind and ideal woman was the one he wed. They are still married. The kids they have are adults. Because of his wife’s encouragement, he worked in the film industry for a long time. He would not be able to maintain his comedic career for so many years without the help of his wife.

They have two young ones. Their daughter’s name is Jamie. She performs stand-up comedy professionally as well. His son’s name is Jessey. Her daughter took the stage in the Comedy Circus event, wowing the audience with her hilarious prowess. She has amazing comedic timing. Her acting career began with the movie Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon. Below you can find out johnny lever net worth.

Johnny Lever Net Worth 2022

According to estimates, johnny lever net worth will be around $30 million, or 227 crores in Indian rupees (227 crores INR). His primary sources of wealth are movies and theater performances. He was raised in the Mumbai slums of Dharavi and King’s Circle. 

He had a difficult upbringing. Up until the seventh grade, Johnny Lever attended the Andhra Education Society English High School. After this, he had to stop studying because of family financial issues. He imitated Bollywood celebs while dancing and selling pens on Mumbai’s streets. Johnny made a living by working at hotels.

He began performing stand-up and mimicry shows on stage as soon as he turned seventeen. When he was eighteen, he began working for Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL). In addition to continuing to complete his programs there, he mimicked a few senior officials. He then adopted the name “Lever” as a result. He transformed from John Rao to Johnny Lever.

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Johnny Lever Fun Facts:

As we learned about johnny lever net worth. Let’s check out some of Mr. Lever’s most interesting facts which are listed below:

  • He never attended any formal acting or comedic classes.
  • He developed his unique comedic style in Hyderabad, where he briefly lived as a child.
  • One of the first stand-up comedians in India was Johnny Lever.
  • Johnny Lever is the president of the MAAM (Mimicry Artist Association Mumbai)
  • Jimmy Moses, Johnny’s younger brother, is a well-known comedian and stand-up performer. Comedy Dangal is where Jimmy may now be seen.


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