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What Are The Advantages Of A Bulk SMS Service Provider In Gurgaon?
Spread the love is a bulk text messaging service provider that provides users with all the tools to send bulk SMS  messages to prospects and customers. Being an SMS marketer is more like our business partners than a typical SMS broker with the benefits of business opportunities. An SMS reseller is a person who sells SMS platform services online with SMS credit and delivers the products to the end user and makes a profit under his own brand as an authorized reseller through his own platform wholesale SMS online. In addition to this, as an SMS reseller, you can earn additional income by buying and selling SMS balances to your business partner/potential end-user customer/sales team or others. It can be purchased in bundles with multiple tiers of SMS credit and resold to a smaller group of customers at a higher price and higher margin.

Benefits as an SMS seller;

Customize your own brand

As an SMSHubs online SMS reseller, you need to purchase a domain name for your website that represents your brand and platform. You can implement your own brand on a white label online platform that helps your customers engage with your services platform. With an SMS service provider, it’s more than sending bulk text messages.

Set your own SMS fees and margin;

As an SMSHubs SMS reseller, you can buy SMS balances from us and then resell SMS balances, which determine the price/tariff for your customers. You have full control over SMS fees and margins, and you also have the ability to control and manage your new online bulk messaging SMS business.

Increase business revenue;

Whether you use our popular platform or integrate it into your existing website or app, becoming an SMS Marketer is an easy way to dramatically increase the revenue an SMS Marketer can generate with a lower SMS credit rate and to develop an online bulk SMS service for sending advertisements. . At the same time, SMS improves the performance of your own business. .

How to become an SMSHubs SMS seller;

Step 1; Create an account

Step 2; Buy a domain name (link to website)

Step 3; Enter your business details so we can help you create a new white label SMS merchant site.

Step 4; Once the SMS reseller website is fully setup, you can select your SMS recharge plan to recharge your account.

Step 5; Send a cheap SMS.

SMS marketing SMS is still a very effective business marketing tool today. SMSHubs is an SMS delivery platform that allows our SMS resellers to acquire and monetize this mass communication business opportunity together. In addition, the SMS reseller also enjoys the cheapest SMS bulk credit rate and increases the rest of their business by sending SMS from SMS. Moreover, is the best messaging API for SMS, SMS API gateway to integrate your website with our global SMS auto delivery system. Join the service

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