Kambing Aqiqah Shah Alam

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If you are planning for a family gathering or a special occasion, then it is recommended to go for aqiqah shah alam. Aqiqah is one of the rites that has been performed in Islam for centuries kambing aqiqah shah alam is prepared with a variety of delicious meats, fruits and vegetables. The best part of it is that it is halal & kosher.

What is aqiqah?

Aqiqah is a Islamic practice performed by Muslims as it was done by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions when they were bestowed with a new born child. It is a Sunnah muakkkadah and is highly encouraged by Islam.

The ceremony is generally held by the parents or extended family of the newborn baby. A sacrificial animal is slaughtered to mark the occasion.

The meat is distributed to relatives and friends, and one-third of the meat is given to needy community members. This acts as a sign of the newborn baby’s newfound connection with Allah and His blessings.

What is aqiqah and qurban?

Qurban and aqiqah are two important Islamic rituals that commemorate the birth of a child. They are both performed to express gratitude to Allah for the birth of a child and to celebrate that blessed occasion with family members, friends, and neighbours.

The most preferred time to perform aqiqah is on the 7th day of the child’s birth, although 14 and 21 days are also valid options. However, if for any reason you are unable to do so on the seventh day, it is acceptable to do it on any subsequent seven-day intervals until the child reaches puberty.

Aqiqah involves the sacrifice of livestock animals – goats and sheep. It is preferable to slaughter two comparable goats or sheep for a male newborn and one goat for a female newborn, but this may not be possible for many families.

What is aqiqah meat?

Aqiqah meat is the meat that comes from slaughtering a goat or sheep. It is a form of qurbani and can be eaten by the family and other members of the community.

In order for aqiqah to be accepted, the animal must meet certain criteria. This includes a minimum age of 6 months for lambs and 12 months for goats.

The meat must be in a good condition and not blemished, lame or extremely sick. It should also be free of defects such as broken horns, teeth and blindness.

It is also recommended that the aqiqah service provider engages with farmers and livestock traders to ensure the animals meet these criteria. This is important as it helps to ensure a quality product and avoids any mis-slaughtering that could cause harm to the baby or their parents.

What is aqiqah ceremony?

The aqiqah ceremony is an important Islamic ritual that occurs after the birth of a baby. It is a welcome to a new child into the family and an opportunity for relatives, friends, and neighbors to gather together.

The ritual includes slaughtering an animal to serve as a sacrifice. Traditionally, sheep or goats are sacrificed but cows or camels can also be used.

The meat from the sacrifice is then shared with friends and family. It is also offered to the poor. Muslims are encouraged to offer this rite and to donate to charities that provide food for people in need.

What is aqiqah benefits?

Aqiqah is a ritual that is widely performed by Muslims in celebration of the birth of a child. It involves slaughtering one or two sheep, goats, cows or camels in honour of the newborn and distributing the meat to poor people.

It usually takes place on the seventh day after the birth of the baby, but it can also be done later on. It is a sunnah set by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to perform aqiqah for newborn children, and is a great way to thank Allah for His blessings and protection.

The sacrificial animals must be healthy, free from defects and humanely slaughtered. Aqiqah is a form of charity, and one-third of the meat must be given away to the poor. Islamic Relief has designed its Aqiqah Project to allow you to donate your aqiqah meat directly to the needy and impoverished.


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