KBC Winner List 2023 Official Announcement in India

The KBC app and the official KBC website allow you to view the most recent KBC Winner List 2023 results

KBC Winner List 2023
KBC Winner List 2023 Official Announcement in India
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The KBC app and the official KBC website allow you to view the most recent KBC Winner List 2023 results. There are numerous methods for finding KBC number lottery winners online. Visit the KBC corporate office in Mumbai as an alternative. You can also call the KBC WhatsApp number. All you have to do to find the KBC lottery numbers for 2023 is visit the KBC website and click on the Check Lottery link. Following that, results will display in the Check Lottery result section.

Here are the latest details about the KBC winner list in India:

KBC Winner List 2023 is the contact information for Mandeep Singh: 93334, Amritsar, Punjab. He has won $25,000. Rana Pratap Singh, “KBC 2nd prize winner,” Kishanganj, Bihar, contact number: 10 lakhs. Rahul Singh, of Bengaluru, who won the third-place KBC prize, received a 5 lakh mobile number.

Check the KBC lottery number on whatsapp:

Dear KBC Winners: You can check your lottery results via WhatsApp if you are one of the KBC winners. To transmit your lottery number to the KBC WhatsApp number, simply open WhatsApp and enter the number. The complete lottery information will be sent to your WhatsApp number in a short amount of time. You can get in touch with us by calling the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2023 customer service team if you’re unsure how to check the KBC WhatsApp lottery number online in 2023 or have an urgent question regarding the current lottery. Every day from 9 am to 10 night, we are open.

Please contact KBC WhatsApp if you have any issues with registration. Alternative options include checking the KBC lottery number check results online in 2023, which are also accessible through WhatsApp. Simple: you must be able to send an SMS in a specific format to the WhatsApp number.

Type of SMS: To enter a 10-digit lottery number, type “Lottery Space”:

Would you like to take part in the KBC lucky draw in 2023? In order to participate, make sure you properly follow the procedures and adhere to the instructions. To improve your chances of winning the KBC lottery online in 2023, register today.

How does KBC lucky draw 2023 work?

The first Monday of the month and Fridays are when the KBC lottery draws are held. You can buy KBC Lottery tickets online or in person at any KBC headquarters in India. The most popular way to check the lottery’s online status in India is to call KBC’s WhatsApp number. You may find your lotto numbers in under a minute by dialing this number.

KBC gives Indians who own mobile phones the chance to win significant prizes by simply using their sim card. All Indians have access to this KBC lucky draw. You must visit the KBC lottery headquarters in Mumbai to enter the KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw or call the KBC Lucky Draw helpline.

Airtel’s lucky draw:

There is excellent news for you if you don’t have a Jio sim card but already have an Airtel sim card. You can use your Airtel sim card to enter the KBC fortunate draw online. Keep in mind that the KBC firm conducts a monthly base luck draw. Users of Airtel can participate in the 2023 fortunate draw as well.

How do I access Jio KBC’s lottery number, 2023?

In order to check the Jio KBC lottery status, You’ll require a Jio SIM card. Next, text a blank message to KBC’s main office. You will see the lottery number flashed on your SIM card in a matter of seconds. Please note down this lottery number and verify it on the KBC website. You can also call to get in touch with KBC’s headquarters.

KBC Winner List 2023:

1. Mr Ramzan Iqbal 55505 765****644 Win 25,00,000

2. Prem Singh Meena, 10091 893***322, Win $25,000

3. Ms. Anita Kapoor (44412 765*******) 211 Win $25,000

4. Mr. Rajesh Sharma, (777) 272 900****877 Win 25,00,000

5. Ms. Laxmi Devi 90919101*****694 Win 25,00,000

7. Mr. Raju Patel 10083 822****655 Win $25,000

8. Mr. Ramesh Kumar 38828 655****833 Win 25,00,000

9. Kuldeep Singh at 0150 992****001 Win 25,00,000

10. Md. Al Amin 10091 999****755 Win 25,00,000

11. Mr. Vicky Khalid 10092 666*****444 Win 25,00,000

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