Keep In Mind Before Painting Garage Doors

Garage Doors

The perfect door colour must be chosen based on many factors, including architectural style, garage door material, paint finish, cost, labour costs, etc.

Before we paint our garage doors, let’s learn more from OZSTRONG professional garage door specialists about the best ways to paint garage doors.

When Painting Garage Doors, There Are Some Things You Should Know And Avoid.

Before you apply a coat of paint, clean your garage door. They can collect dirt, cobwebs and termites over time. It is important to clean your garage door thoroughly.

Begin by using a broom to dust and clean the dirt and cobwebs. Take off the doors. Next, fill a bucket with water. Add mild detergent. You can use mild detergent to clean the door. Start wiping the doors with a damp cloth. Be sure to pay attention to corners when cleaning. This is where the majority of dust gets lost.

Next, use a dry cloth to wipe all surfaces of the doors. Dry them.

Sand The Doors

You must be able to stand your garage door if you want it to shine with a smooth finish. Garage doors must be old and have peeling paint or flaking finishes. Sanding will remove any flakes, blisters and bubbles from your garage door. Use 180-grit sandpaper to sand the whole door before applying primer.

Prime The Doors

If you want your garage door to stay put, you will need to apply a primer. The garage door material will determine the type of primer that you should use. An oil-based primer can be used for both wood garage doors and metal garage doors. For best results, a multi-surface primer is the best choice. Let the door dry for at least one day before you begin painting.

The type, size, and type of garage door will determine the paint you choose.

  • Steel doors – Latex or oil-based paint
  • Aluminium doors- Latex-based primer, paint and bonding agent.
  • Wooden doors – Latex or oil-based paint
  • Vinyl doors – Acrylic paint

Paint Your Doors With The Right Paintbrush

To paint your door, use a 3-inch nylon paintbrush. A crimped wire brush can be used to achieve a fine finish on uneven surfaces. A twisted knot wire will give you a longer life and faster removal. However, it will leave a rough finish. An abrasive nylon toothbrush will give you a smooth finish and the flexibility of the crimped steel wire.

Use your paintbrush or roller to apply long strokes of paint on the entire door surface.

Choose The Right Garage Door Colours

You have many options for garage door colours. You have the option to choose one colour for your entire garage door or for just the trim. This colour scheme should match the rest of your house.

Bold colours, darker colours, or lighter colours can be used for the trim. For the panels, you can use lighter colours. A neutral colour can be used for both the trim and the door surface.

Learn more about the colour palette, the colour wheel, and the types of colour schemes such as monochromatic, analogous, and complementary schemes if you’re a beginner. Before you make a decision, it is a good idea to try out different colours.

Make Sure You Have The Right Amount Of Paint

For 2-car garage doors, you will normally need 1 gallon of paint to apply 2–3 coats. However, it all depends on the size of the door and the colour chosen.

Hire Professional Painters

Do-it-yourself garage painting is the biggest mistake homeowners make. This difficult job can be done quickly and easily by hiring a team of professional painters and garage door specialists.

These Tips Will Make Your Garage Door Painting Project A Success.

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