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As we look ahead to the summer months and all the special occasions that come with them, it’s essential to make sure you have everything necessary for your wardrobe. Whether a night out at a formal event or just an afternoon wedding ceremony, having a tie can make dressed up events much more comfortable. 

Even if you think ties are outdated or unnecessary, there are quite a few ways ties can add value and style to any outfit. Read on for our top suggestions for tried-and-true accessories that will keep your ties looking their best (and in place) no matter how active your day may be! Additionally, we will suggest some ties that will look stunning on you. Continue reading!

Tie Bar

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Tie bars are a stylish way to further customize your look. Whether it’s a night on the town or an important presentation at work, adding a tie bar instantly upgrades your outfit and makes you stand out in a crowd. 

The ease of use of this fashion accessory makes it even more appealing – clip the tie bar onto the centre of the tie, and it will attach to the dress shirt, ensuring your look is impeccably neat all day long!

Tie Clip

A tie clip is a unique and stylish accessory that can bring the finishing touches to any professional look. By securing your tie’s ends together, a tie clip creates a neat, symmetrical appearance using metal, brass, or silver, as well as spring hinges for maximum grip. 

The tie clip offers an extra touch of style and sophistication which can help create an impression of confidence you need to make in any situation—from job interviews to business meetings and social functions. Get creative and find the perfect tie clip for you today.

Tie Tack

Tie Tacks are coming back into the fashion world after being considered out of style for many years. Strategically placed at the back of a necktie and held on by an anchor, Tie Tacks add a subtle but striking finish to any dress code. 

With three parts, including a front closure with badge or jewel, a clutch and pin-back support, Tie Tacks act as tug-free anchors that ensure your tie is neither too loose nor too tight. Also called Tie Pins, these unique accessories provide the perfect blend of style and security when completing any outfit!

The Tie Tack is a fascinating accessory that has three integral parts. The pin can go through any tie, providing stability for the tie itself and keeping it in place. The base houses the pin and sometimes comes with an added chain, so it remains firmly affixed. 

Finally, we have the decorative piece, which can be anything from badges to company logos or even coloured stones that add an extra layer of charm and personality to your tenue. In short, by adding a Tie Tack, you join millions of fashionable men and improve your style statement!


The black and green tie look is an incredibly stunning visual that will turn heads. With its deep dark background, the black fabric provides a beautiful contrast against the vibrant deep olive shade of green. 

Whether worn casually with your favorite jeans and blouse or dressed up with a tailored suit and dress shoes, this combination of colors adds sophistication and style guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd no matter where you go.

Fun ties are the perfect accessory for any outfit! From bright, whimsical patterns to subtle stripes and polka dots, there is a tie for every occasion. 

Whether looking for something to brighten up a dress shirt or seeking something more subdued to inject some personality into your look, fun ties can help achieve your desired look. Happily splash out on one of these great pieces, and you’ll make an unforgettable impression!

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