Know About games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India games : Garena free fire & pubg India games Garena free fire or pubg India online is a page where you are updated with the latest offers and things related to Garena free fire & pubg India. Additionally, you can learn about Diamond Offers, FF Coin, Gun and FF Rewards, and so on. The FF Redeem Code, in addition to its rivals, is shared. When it comes to gaming there is no age limit. From a child to even an adult is crazy when it comes to games. Herein this article we will discuss games: Garena free fire & pubg India

Garena Free Fire 

Garena developed the game Garena Free Fire in 2017. You can play this game with your friends and with some random people from all over the world. It has multiple modes to play. You can also play tournaments in this game and establish yourself as a pro player. 

Why is Free Fire getting banned in India? 

This game was about to gain popularity in India but suddenly the government of India banned this game. People were live-streaming on their Youtube channels and making careers out of it. But because of the sudden ban gamers were in stress and switched to playing other games to make a new start in their careers again. The company also faced a lot of monetary loss because of the sudden ban on the game. The main reason why the government banned this game is the violence presented in this game and it is having a very bad effect on the young generations. Many cases came where children commit suicide because they did not win the game and they also forced their parents to buy new smartphones so that they can play this game easily. Not everyone can afford expensive things. So, the government of India decided to put a complete stop to this game and ended up banning it. 


Pubg is also a battle fighting game and it has gained so much popularity and has become the number one game all over the world. People participate in tournaments and they also earn money from it if they win the game. But the sad news is this game also got banned in 2020 because this game leaked personal information so Krafton decided to make another similar game only for India and named it BGMI. 

Conclusion games Garena free fire or pubg India game download from google play store. Pubg’s latest version can be downloaded from the google play store. 500 million people have already downloaded it and are enjoying it with their friends. I hope now you have more than enough information about Rajkot If you want to know more updates related to games and game hacks then you need to stay tuned with While staying tuned with it is the best option if you are making your career in gaming on Youtube. So, you will definitely need a source that keeps you updated and you can share things with your followers and viewers. 

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