Know About The Reasons To Go For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Know About The Reasons To Go For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Know About The Reasons To Go For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Regular back pain, prolonged numbness in your limbs, irregular bladder working, might be some of the primary reasons why your doctor keeps insisting you have spinal surgery. And even though these problems might not seem dangerous to you, these are the common symptoms of slipped disks, stenosis, bone spurs, spinal tumours, spinal infection and broken spinal cord.

Spinal surgery is the only way which can get you through the pain, if not the medicines. But the fear of undergoing a major surgery can overrule your ability to take the correct decision. Although if you are consulting the best spine surgeon in Mumbai with much knowledge and expertise, you might have one other option – minimally invasive spine surgery.


Communication, space and commerce are not the only fields blooming under the sky of technological advancements. Medicine has also witnessed miracles under the same sky, and one of them is minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopy refers to the operation performed, which has fewer incisions on the body, thereby leaving less trauma to it. It usually includes the usage of thin-needles, and endoscope for seeing the insides of the body.

When such a surgery is performed on the spine, it is called minimally invasive spine surgery.


Even the best spine surgeon in Mumbai will talk you into getting a minimally invasive spine surgery if your case is not much worse and complicated. And there’s no wonder why he shouldn’t suggest when this method has impressive advantages, such as:

1. Say Goodbye To Pain

Traditional spinal surgery involves a large vertical incision throughout your back which can undoubtedly cause excruciating pain during the recovery. But when that extended cut is reduced to a minor one, the extent of your pain gets decreased drastically. You will recover in less time and without much discomfort.

2. Smaller the cuts, lower the damage

Since the incisions are large, more muscles get damaged during traditional spine surgeries. But this becomes no longer a matter of concern under minimally invasive surgeries. The cuts are minute, hence extremely lessened muscular damage.

Also, since the cuts are small, so will be the scars!

3. Reduced Infections

One of the main disadvantages of undergoing significant surgery is getting newer infections. Once the internals of your body is exposed to the outer surroundings, no matter how much sterilised they are, there is always a high chance of getting infected.

But since not much part of your body is exposed under minimally invasive spine surgery, there is a small chance of getting infected.

4. Fewer complications

Getting treated laparoscopically offers you fewer complications. Since the incision is minor, there is a very less chance of losing blood, going under shock or dropping blood pressure, wound infection, etc.

If you are having any doubts regarding your medical treatment and are in a state of fear, don’t hesitate; and take your discomfort lightly. Since the laparoscopy is performed using video cameras, the surgeon needs to be an expert. Get in contact with the best spine surgeon in Mumbai and get yourself an excellent medical treatment.

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