Know About These Popular Nair Matrimony Rituals and Customs

Nair Matrimony
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Last updated on July 1st, 2022 at 04:18 pm

When we talk about marriages in India, we think of customs and rituals as the first thing. Since India has different types of matrimony, we witness different types of famous customs and rituals at these weddings. As a country, we are so huge that they change with every few kilometers. Among those different types of matrimony weddings, one of the popular ones is the Nair Matrimony wedding which also has some of the famous rituals that you should know. Whether you’re going to have a Nair matrimony or attend your friend’s, you need to know these rituals so that you can enjoy the marriage in the perfect way Read More Schlüsselnotdienst Ingolstadt

You must be thinking about the need to understand the popular customs and rituals in a particular type of matrimony. Well, when you know about something, you enjoy it better. That’s why we are telling you about a few important rituals and customs in the wedding of a Nair matrimony. In this article, we will be talking about the same so that you feel accustomed and familiar with every custom and ritual at a Nair wedding. Let’s start without any further delay!

Famous Rituals and Customs of Nair Matrimony Wedding

Nair matrimony comes under the South Indian weddings. Here are the famous rituals and customs that happen at this wedding. Have a look!


One of the first and foremost rituals that happen at a Nair matrimony wedding is the Muhuratam. It means to fix the date when the wedding will happen. Since marriage is one of the most special days in your life, the moment should be auspicious too. That’s why every Nair matrimony wedding has this ritual to consult the astrologer to fix a particular date after checking the horoscopes of the bride and groom. Usually, the astrologer gives at least 2 or 3 options to the families of the bride and groom and then they can make the final decision. 

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Nischayam or Engagement Ceremony

First of all, let’s appreciate the beautiful name of this ritual in the Nair matrimony wedding. The Nischayam ceremony is also known as the engagement. And you must be aware of the engagement process as it happens in every matrimony wedding in India. Under this custom of Nair weddings, the families of the bride and groom announce their wedding where the bride and groom exchange rings with each other. Some people like to go all out with the engagement ceremony while some like to keep the function private and only in presence of close family, relatives and friends. 

Seeking Blessing from Parents (Pre Nuptial Blessings)

This is one of the most important rituals in the wedding of the Nair matrimony. This ritual takes place in the bride’s house where family and close relatives give their blessings to the bride so that they can live a happy married life. Once this event completes, the same ritual happens at the groom’s place. Since this is an important event, both bride and groom make full efforts to look the most beautiful on this day. 

Thalikettu (Tying of Sacred Knot)

By reading the name of this event, you would’ve understood its importance. In this event, the groom ties a Thali (the sacred wedding string or knot) around the neck of the bride. This sacred knot signifies the sacredness of marriage and marital status. This ritual happens only at the wedding venue and as soon it is completed, both bride and groom exchange garlands with each other. During this event, the groom’s father also gives the Mantharkoti, also known as the special dress of the bride, which he gives to the bride. 

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Under the Nair matrimony wedding, this ritual takes right after the Thalikettu. And this includes the bride’s father placing betel leaves on the groom’s right hand. After this, he also puts the bride’s hand on the groom’s hand. This event is also considered one of the most important events under the Nair matrimony. So, you shouldn’t miss it if you’re attending this type of matrimony for the first time. 

Other than the rituals and functions mentioned above, some of the other important ones in a Nair matrimony wedding are Kanyadanam, Sadha, Grihapravesh, Reception, etc. We hope you must be a bit more familiar with the rituals and events. 



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