Know New Computerized Nikah Nama Fees (2023)

New Computerized Nikah Nama Fees:

 The new computerized nikah nama fees by nikah khawan in Lahore is Rs5000 excluding the service charges taken by the registrar. This is why the marriage that is planned could turn into a forced wedding if the pressure or manipulation of the bride or groom is imposed on the groom or bride (Huda 2007). Additionally, studies in this field can lead to greater awareness of the need to raise awareness of computerized nikah nama fees by nikah khawan in Lahore clauses and the rights of the bride and groom to know and utilize the clauses to secure their future.


 Ethical Aspects The study’s ethical approval was received from the Department of Gender and Development Studies, Lahore College of Women University, Lahore, Pakistan. To ensure the safety and rights of research participants, as defined in the guidelines set out in the APA Ethics Code, the author shared all the details of the research’s objectives with participants. The consent of the participants was also informed. All participants have assured the information they provided is kept private and that their personal data is secured for computerized nikah nama fees by nikah khawan in Lahore.

Participants were also told that they were able to withdraw from this study any moment they’d like. Research design The study is an inter-sectional quantitative design. A questionnaire was created following an extensive review of literature, and it contained open-ended and closed-ended questions. Instead of a review of the literature, the study also sought in evaluating the following hypothesis: There are significant gender variations in the way they perceive Nikah Nama reform and the clauses.

Nikah Khawan in Lahore:

There will be significant distinctions in terms of awareness about computerized nikah nama fees by nikah khawan in Lahore clauses for people from urban and rural areas. Sample The sample was gathered using this convenience sampling method. The criteria for selection were that of unmarried Muslim participants, males and females from rural and urban regions of Lahore. The total number of participants was taken into the study, comprising 200 females and 200 men. Data Collectiononcomputerized nikah nama fees by nikah khawan in Lahore The data was gathered from a variety of places, such as educational institutions and restaurants. Rural residents living near Lahore, such as Muridke, Sharqpur, and Safdarabad, were also contacted. The researcher approached them and asked whether they were single and would be willing to take part in research on Nikah Nama.

Data Analysis:

 The quantitative component was examined by using SPSS Version 24.0. Descriptive statistics were utilized to provide a summary of the characteristics of the sample. Tests of independent samples were employed to examine the differences between gender and urban-rural affiliation. Thematic analysis was utilized to study the open-ended question.


 Quantitative Resultspresents the results of the level of knowledge and awareness of computerized nikah nama fees by nikah khawan in Lahore reforms and their clauses among the participants. A majority of participants didn’t know about the latest changes to Nikah Nama. Results also reveal that 70% of the respondents are unaware that there were changes made to the nikah. Nama.

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