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Kollywood stars undoubtedly live a very luxurious lifestyle which can be seen from their income and net worth. They are no less than other Bollywood actors to live a wealthy and royal lifestyle from driving expensive cars to living in fancy apartments nothing lags behind Tamil actors. Vijay Thalapathy is crossing all the records to become the richest man in Tamil cinema and people are quite crazy to know about his lifestyle. Today we will discuss the lifestyle of Tamil actors by considering some renowned actors from Tamil Cinema.

Salary of average Kollywood actors

If we talk about the salary of the average Kollywood star then it goes between 5 crores to 40 crores window. But those who are superstars in Tamil cinema like Vijay Thalapathy and Rajanikant make handsome money from their movies. For example, Vijay gets up to 15o crores for his single movie and Rajanikant is getting very close to him across 120 to 130 crores per movie. So we can say that these actors are making quite good money from their acting skills in Kollywood. These movies are making them capable of producing their own pictures to make them even richer than earlier.

Expensive vehicles that famous Kollywood actors drive

We can see Tamil actor and their wives getting down from expensive cars, for example, Siva Karthikeyan wife aarti doss who is probably a housewife moving around in expensive BMW and Audi cars. Similarly, we can see veteran actors Rajanikant, Kamal Hassan, and Vijay driving expensive cars which value at crores. So it shows the luxurious lifestyle of the Tamil actors who are earning a good amount of money from producing movies, directing them, and playing the role of an actor as well. Tamil cinema is a rich cinema and glimpses of which can be seen in the rich lifestyle of the Tamil actors.

The luxurious lifestyle of Tamil actors Kamal Hassan, Suriya, Vijay Sethupathi

We have famous and renowned Tamil actors like Suriya who is nominated for Oscar, Kamal Hassan, Vijay Sethupathi, and many others whose lifestyle is very appealing to the masses. They are having expensive houses villas and whatnot. The gold they carry with their outfits speaks about their royalty and richness. Not only listed actors are living a good lifestyle but the majority of Tamil actors are doing well in their life when it comes to living a luxurious life and earning money which is the reason why people want to join Kollywood.

The net worth of major Tamil Actors in Kollywood

If you want to know about the Net worth of a Kollywood star then Vijay Thalapathy is the best person to pick at first stance. This is because he is the wealthiest man in Tamil cinema to get a huge net worth of $ 60 million USD. Apart from him, Rajanikant is also sailing near to him with a net worth of approximately $45 million USD which is a huge amount for people in India. Other Tamil actors also hold good fortune with attractive net worth from their movies and acting skills.

Who is the highest paid and richest actor in Kollywood?

As mentioned earlier as well Vijay Thalapathy is the highest paid and richest man in Tamil cinema. He is having good fortune and luxury lifestyle. Mersal movie is the Jackpot of his life which gives him so much popularity along with money and people starts considering him as the God of Tamil cinema. Today the man is flaunting a good lifestyle and is a happy soul as well.

So by now, you must be clear about the fancy and luxurious lifestyle of the Tamil actors who are living a good life. But in order to make such good fortune for them, they have put a lot of effort and hard work to achieve these heights in their career. It is not that easy to achieve such good success by lying on a couch like a lazy potato. Hard work and smartness can give you flying colors at the end of the day and we all must strive for the best version of ourselves every day to reap such success in our life at an early age.

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