Lanthanum Hexaboride Powder

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Molecular formula of lanthanum hexaboride: LaB6. Lanthanum hexaboride is a purple powder insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid and is a purple solid. Lanthanum trioxide and borax are dissolved in a suitable molten salt and electrolysed with a graphite anode at high temperature to give Lanthanum Hexaboride Powder, which is deposited on a graphite or steel cathode. Due to its high melting point and thermal radiation properties, it can replace high melting point metals and alloys in nuclear fusion reactors and power plants.

The main application of LaB6 is the production of electron emission cathodes, which have a special crystal structure. The low electron emission rate results in a cathode material with the highest emission current at average temperature. High quality monocrystals are the ideal material for the production of high performance electron emission cathodes. In addition, it can be used as a high luminosity light source for the fabrication of important electron microscope components such as optical filters, soft X-ray monochromators and other electron beam light sources. The excellent general properties of LaB6 allow its use in a wide range of electron beam systems such as electron beam collectors, electron beam heaters, electron beam burners and accelerators used in the fabrication of high performance components.

Lanthanum hexaboride has a wide range of applications. It is successfully used in radar, aerospace, electronics, instrumentation, medical devices, household appliances, metallurgy, environmental protection and more than twenty other high-tech and military applications. The company’s products are mainly of three types: powder, polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Monocrystalline lanthanum hexaboride is the best material for manufacturing powerful electron tubes, magnetrons, electron beam, and ion beam and accelerator cathodes.


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