Gojek Clone App : Launch a Multi-service Business Easily

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With an on-demand Gojek Clone App, entrepreneurs can establish a business that offers 82+ services such as taxi booking, hiring beauticians, parcel delivery, etc. Developing such a humongous platform with multiple services will cost a fortune, right? Well, what if someone says that entrepreneurs can develop a futuristic and well-optimized app in just 1 to 2 weeks?

A pre-built app solution empowers entrepreneurs to capture a wide variety of industries and a larger market share. But are you confused about where to begin its development? Don’t worry because this blog will guide you through the development and launch process. 

gojek clone app

How to Develop an App like Gojek Clone

Are you ready to develop a Gojek Clone app? If you are, read through the following steps. However, the only prerequisite is to find a white-labeling firm that will offer you a pre-built solution. 

A white-labeling firm is where the developers have pre-built an “inspired” version of existing apps like Gojek, Uber, Postmates, Grab, etc. Now, depending on the requirements, entrepreneurs can choose any of these solutions and ask the experts to white-label them. 

Get the demo of the Gojek Clone App

First, get the demo of the app from the white-labeling experts. Take your time and test the demo app for as long as you want to until you feel like it is the perfect solution for your business. If the app contains the services and features you want to offer in your business, place the order with the white-labeling firm. 

During the demo app trial, take a careful look at the features and multiple services integrated into the app besides testing the quality. 

Discuss queries and requirements with the Project Manager 

Once the demo trial is over, the entrepreneurs can get in touch with the assigned Project Manager and discuss their queries with them. The Project Manager will also listen to and note the app development requirements. 

Moreover, the Project Manager will prepare the Scope Document that contains the details of project deliverables and their cost. If the entrepreneur is comfortable with paying the entire amount in one go or they can choose to pay in parts.  

Start the development process of an Gojek Clone App

Kick start the development process and launch the app in 1 to 2 weeks. The experts will white-label the app by adding your company’s branding and name everywhere on the app, web panel, website, etc. 

Additionally, the team will change the color theme of the app and integrate the services and features, currencies, languages, and even payment gateways. In simpler words, no one will ever come to know that it is a white-labeled Gojek Clone app. 

Review the app 

After the development is complete, it is time to review the apps. Therefore, the team will upload the apps to the firm’s development server. Now, entrepreneurs can test the app and ask the team to rectify the mistakes if any! 

Once the review is complete, entrepreneurs can show the green light for the app launch. 

Launch the app 

The apps are ready for the launch on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Your customers can easily download the app and start ordering on it! 

multi-service app

A Gojek Clone App is an Advanced 

The advanced app integrates multiple features that make everything easy from food ordering to delivery and payment! Here is a list of all such features: 

  • Online video consultation 
  • Service bidding 
  • Real-time order tracking 
  • Wallet-to-wallet transactions 
  • Facemask verification 
  • Safety rating & review 

In Conclusion:

Summing up, a Gojek Clone App is a multi-service app that you need to capture the on-demand market. Get started with the Gojek Clone demo and launch the app in 1 to 2 weeks. Use this blog as a brief guide to launching a multi-service business.

For further details connect with the sales representatives of the white-labelling firm!

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