Leadership Coaching and a Sounding Board

Leadership coaching is a valuable tool for a leader who wants to develop himself or herself. It provides a framework for understanding leadership development models and techniques. Contributors examine the research for each model and explore how to apply it in a coaching relationship. They also discuss the benefits of accessing a sounding board for advice.


The first step in developing a successful leadership style is self-awareness. Being aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses helps a leader make good decisions and avoid mistakes. It also allows leaders to discover their impact on the world. Self-aware leaders are leaders who are worth following.

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize our own limits and recognize when we are exceeding them. Many times, we aren’t fully aware of our own boundaries until they are violated. Being aware of our boundaries allows us to act appropriately in any situation. When we don’t respect our own boundaries, we risk being burned out and undermining our efforts.

Self-aware leaders are willing to admit mistakes, and work on improving themselves and their teams. This type of self-awareness allows leaders to be humble and confident, and encourages them to seek out opposing viewpoints. This creates a more vibrant workplace culture.

Identifying blind spots of personal performance

Identifying your blind spots can be a challenging process. It is important to understand your limitations in order to make changes that will improve your performance. Blind spots are often unnoticed, but they can hinder your progress as a leader. As such, you need to be proactive about identifying these areas and work to overcome them.

Identifying blind spots in your leadership style will help you develop action steps to deal with them, which will ultimately improve your succession planning. For example, you might be able to link accountability to succession decisions, or make a better judgment of your own performance. This type of action will benefit both you and the organization.

When a leader does not identify their own blind spots, they do not realize how others perceive them. These blind spots can limit your opportunities, drag your career, and hurt the performance of your team. In addition, they may hinder your organization’s ability to execute its strategy. Therefore, identifying these blind spots should be a top priority for executives, boards, and leadership development programs.

Phase out old habits

Trying to break old habits is not easy, especially when they have been around for years. It takes a great deal of observation and control to change a behavior into something different. It may also take a long time to change one’s habit if it’s a bad one.

Benefits of getting access to a sounding board

Getting access to a sounding board can help you create a more personalized and collaborative learning experience for your clients. Most reached-out executives have a specific reason for wanting to connect with you, whether they’re in a position to offer insight or just want to discuss their role in general. This type of sounding board can be particularly valuable when working with senior executives at major companies who don’t always have access to external consultants.

While many coaching companies focus on addressing the needs of individuals or teams, Sounding Board is unique because it is focused on developing leaders who will make a difference in the world. Their unique platform combines technology and coaching to create a customized, flexible experience for clients. Recently, the company announced that it closed a $30M Series B round of funding, which follows an oversubscribed Series A round earlier this year. The round was led by JAZZ Venture Partners and Canaan Venture Partners, with existing investors Bloomberg Beta and Correlation Partners.

Getting access to a sounding board can help new managers become more self-aware and effective leaders. The Torch 360deg Leadership Assessment provides a thorough evaluation of each individual across three primary leadership domains and tracks the manager’s progress over time. A new manager’s first few weeks as a manager are often filled with stress, which can affect their wellbeing and their overall job satisfaction.

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