Learn SEO as a Beginner. The Basics for Successful SEO Strategy

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High-ranking websites are crucial for modern businesses. They enable a brand or service to increase traffic. And more traffic on a website means better profit for online companies. Thus, to generate organic traffic, you need to know about SEO. Apart from an eye-pleasing web design, a professional logo design, and high-quality content.

There are two ways to improve the ranking of a website. The first method is to run ads to improve website ranking.  And the second one is SEO ranking which is the organic way. SEO stands for search engine optimization. And it is the process of taking steps to improve the ranking of a website on Google. So it is an essential marketing tool. 

If you want to learn the SEO basics, then you are in the right place. So in this business logo design Australia, you can find everything about SEO. We have outlined the core elements, strategies, and marketing basics of SEO. So keep reading the article to find out more.

Search Engine Optimisation Basics

SEO is a vital marketing strategy and a must-learn for online brands. So here are the basics of SEO.

What Is SEO? 

SEO(Search engine optimization) is the optimization of a website to improve its ranking in the search engine. And it is an essential marketing tool to increase traffic on a website. SEO only focuses on organic search results. So it does not include PPC optimization, the non-organic method to improve website ranking. 

In other words, SEO is all the actions brands take to make Google consider their websites a quality source for users’ queries. So Google ranks a website higher if it finds it a suitable result for the internet user. So SEO is essential for better rankings in the Google search engine. 

What Are the Benefits of SEO?

Usually, internet users click the first few search results of their queries. So an internet user rarely visits the results at the bottom of the Google search engine. Therefore, the websites Google shows at the top receive massive traffic. And the websites Google displays at the bottom rarely have any visitors. As a result, such websites are ranked lower on the Google search engine. 

So SEO is beneficial to attract more traffic to a website. And the traffic helps a website rank higher on the search results. 

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

If you are willing to learn about SEO, there are various terms you have to understand. And on-page and off-page SEO are one of those terms. So on-page SEO is about creating content to improve website ranking. It focuses on the methods of optimization that are under your control. So it includes everything a person does for website optimization. On-page SEO includes content optimization, keyword research, and title tag optimization. 

On the other hand, off-page SEO is about applying tactics to display a website’s authority and value. It includes SEO factors to promote a website around another website. So off-page SEO uses backlinks, social media marketing, and other trust indicators for optimization. However, for a successful website SEO, both on-page and off-page SEO are essential. 

Black Hat vs. White Hat

There are also two SEO strategies that you have to understand to learn SEO. And the black hat and the white hat are two SEO strategies to know for a better understanding of SEO. In SEO, the black hat term refers to the group that does not follow Google’s rules. So this is the group that uses sneaky methods to optimize their websites. And such methods usually include keyword stuffing, link manipulation, irrelevant backlinks, etc. These methods help a website rank higher. However, it is only for a short period. And Google will eventually ban websites using black hat methods.

On the other hand, the white hat term refers to the group that sticks to the guidelines of Google. So this group relies on the rules to rank higher on Google. And the group uses organic methods to optimize its websites. The tactics include keyword research, good content, backlinks, etc. 

How Do You Do SEO?

Once you have learned the basic terms of SEO, you have to understand how to do SEO. Here are the essential steps of SEO.

Content Creation

Quality content is one of the essential factors Google uses for website rankings. And good content is crucial for a website to rank higher in the search results. And a website can only improve its ranking organically with quality content. The content should be relevant, informative, and concise. Also, it should be appealing to the readers. So if web content has such ingredients, it can help it improve its ranking.

Keyword Research 

Keywords are also essential for a successful SEO. It enables a website to appear on top search results. Hence, the right keywords help a website achieve higher rankings on Google. 

Keywords are usually the words a user types on Google to see some desired results. For instance, a user can type ghostwriting experts in Australia. So ghostwriting experts can be a keyword. Brands invest some good money in searching for the right keywords. And without the right keywords, a website cannot appear on the top results. Hence it means a website will only rank higher with the right keywords. So keyword research is vital for SEO.

Quality backlinks

Building quality backlinks is also essential for SEO. Backlinking is an organic method to improve website rankings. And it is a method by which one brand uses links of other brands’ website links. You may have seen links to other websites while browsing a site. Backlinking is an effective tactic for ranking higher on Google. However, it is a challenging task to achieve. Google usually does not allow requesting other websites for backlinking. And according to Google’s guidelines, the backlinking should be authentic. 

However, a website can get quality backlinks with the help of high-quality content. Unique and appealing content can compel websites to use backlinks to that web page. 

Website Speed

Website speed is another element for successful SEO. The speed of a website attracts massive traffic. As a result, it helps that website rank higher on the Google search engine. So a website should be fast to load. It is an effective tactic for organic SEO.

On the other hand, a slow website can rank lower on Google. People usually exit a website that takes more than five seconds to load. So website speed is essential for SEO.

How Can You Learn SEO?

Learning SEO can be a challenging task. However, it is possible to learn. The modern era of technology has made learning effortless. And you can find various resources to help you learn SEO. But be consistent, as it can be a time-taking process if you are willing to learn. 

You can start learning by reading reliable resources. You can find hundreds of resources on learning SEO. But not all of them can be reliable. So choose the most reliable. There are plenty of helpful videos you can find online. With the right approach and patience, you can learn SEO.


SEO is the process of taking steps to improve the ranking of a website on search results. It is an organic way to improve website ranking. You can also find other tactics for website optimization. There are both ethical and unethical strategies for higher rankings on Google. However,  you have to remember that SEO marketing is not a short-cut game. 

You have to play by the rules for organic website rankings. And if you want to learn SEO,  be consistent and patient with SEO learning. You may find it challenging. But it’s not something impossible.

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