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Pangong Lake

This is among the saltwater lakes located in the eastern region of Ladakh. It is approximately 14000 feet and roughly 160km long. About one-third of Pangong lake is situated in India and the rest is in other parts of a different region, China. It is among the most well-known and frequented spots to visit in Ladakh and is one that you should not skip. This is a peaceful lake that has the distinctive feature of having water having an ethereal blue hue.

If you’re a person who is drawn to peace or calm This will be the spot you’re looking for. Spend a few minutes here and experience euphoria. In the Bollywood film ‘Three Idiots” Pangong Lake has been featured and it is an important factor for people who come to this place. People were known to take selfies, pictures, and other photos. since they knew that the final scene in this Bollywood film was made in the city of Mumbai.


Biking is a different adventure that everyone enjoys and you can enjoy biking at Khar dung La Pass. The highest road in this world, visitors can take pleasure in Biking. This road became famous because of this. Its height is about 18300 feet. It is a further exciting thing every adventurer is looking forward to doing in Ladakh. There is a feeling of emptiness if you’re not able to go Biking here.


The sunset in The Shanti Stupa will be such an unforgettable experience for any spiritual person. You will feel tranquil and a feeling of happiness will be restored by your body and mind. To achieve this, you must not skip going to the Shanti Stupa to watch the sunset from there. The location is on the top of a hill called Chanspa which is located in Leh. This is one of the places which was believed to have been constructed for the Buddhists that were Japanese during the year 1991.

It has been considered to be an example of one of the seven Stupas of Shanti and was built by the Buddhist people. The Stupas are a symbol of eternal peace and joy. They are constructed so that it has two stories. The vast hall intended for meditation is another great feature. Visitors or those who are visiting here will get to the place due to its proximity to Leh city. It is. 13 km from the city’s center.


If you’re the kind of adventurer who is attracted by the thrilling adventures in this specific area You’ve arrived at the right spot. It is called it. It is the Chadar trek. You can go here in the winter season and it is suggested to go to this spot in February since that is the month that signifies the closing of winter. It is possible to trek here across the river known as Zanskar. There is a unique aspect regarding this river, which is. This river is likely to completely freeze, particularly during the winter months.

It’s a long hike that is 62km. You must spend between 8 and 10 days to complete the trek at this specific location. It is important to be aware of a few things before attempting this trek. Because this isn’t an easy hike you must be prepared before trekking here. It is a challenging trek, and it is even more difficult due to the weather being unpredictable. Therefore, daredevils need to be prepared to meet challenges if are planning to go on a trek here. Although it is an extremely difficult hike the majority of people decide to do it due to their desire to experience adventure. To enjoy the stunning views of the snowy mountains in Ladakh the best way is to skip this trek.

Magic Hill

Guys, do not lose the excitement that you can experience on the enchanting Hill. Magic is something we all enjoy; the art of magic always can make us feel happy and also inspires us to be more excited, isn’t it? If you’re a person who is fascinated by these enchanting moments in the form of magical relics, it is time to go to The Magical Magnetic Hill. Magical Magnetic Hill.

This area is located near Leh city, which is located 30km away from the city’s center. In this area, you can witness the anti-gravitational phenomenon. If you’re driving the car, there is a chance that you’ll stop your vehicle during the process. While your car is in neutral you may be able to see the car move by itself.

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