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nursery school in pune
nursery school in pune
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Literacy development plays an integral part in a child’s growth and should be started during infancy and early childhood. Introducing a child to books at an early age and incorporating favourite objects, people, and activities into early learning is essential for achieving positive results. Nursery School in Pune

As children grow they start using verbal (speech) and nonverbal communication such as gestures, sign language to express themselves or have conversations. So it is necessary that at this stage where they are learning to speak, we should introduce new vocabulary to them to help them build their language.

Some activities that Nursery Schools in Pune practice to develop children’s literacy skills include actively communicating with children, singing rhymes, reading to them, playing games, providing them access to writing materials and books etc.

Young children learn the language better when they’re engaged with things that excite them. Teachers of the Best Schools in Pune keep introducing new words and phrases to build their vocabulary. Everything they learn in these early years guides them throughout their path to success in adulthood.

Before children learn how to write and read, there is a need to develop their building blocks (ability to speak, listen, understand, watch and draw) which is done by Nursery School in Pune in the following ways.

  • Usage of pictures and objects while communicating
  • Reading together (letters, words)
  • Playing with rhymes and other sounds

Do you know such experiences (talking, reading, singing) help children in developing powerful brain connections which are later used for language formation, thinking and understanding.

Activities that can be used by parents to develop literacy at home:-


  • Communication:


Communicate with your child as it will help your child to speak, listen and understand.


  • Music or Singing:


As per Best School in Pune Introducing your child to music and singing with them is the best idea as it teaches them about the rise and fall of sounds.


  • Listen to your child:


Let them share, listen carefully and ask more so they can open up. Answer their questions properly.


  • Correction:


  • Help them when they mispronounce or say something wrong. Correct them in a polite manner.

Introduce Books

Nursery School in Pune suggests parents introduce a book to them that has attractive cartoon pictures or characters. Read for them in an interesting way. Move your finger to show them the letter or words as you read to them. You can ask questions in the middle to make sure they are understanding it. For eg: Do you know this letter? Or Ask something about the character?

Remember that children do not have a longer attention span so even if you read one page at a time, it will make a difference. Make it interesting using all forms of verbal expression such as reading, singing, and talking about the content of books.

If you think you will be harsh on their mind and it is too early to introduce so many things and activities then you are wrong. According to the Best Schools in Pune, the Language and Literacy Development of children grows at every stage. You will be surprised at the way they will grasp things.

Milestones in Language and Literacy Development


  • Children, when they are 6 months old, can respond to people with basic sounds and also recognize their name
  • Children, when they are 1 year old, can verbalize the words that they hear or communicate through gestures
  • Children, when they are 1 ½ years old, can say many words
  • Children, when they are 2 years old, can form short sentences, repeat words, name objects and people
  • Children, when they are 3 years old, can do small talk or understand more simple instructions
  • Children, when they are 4 years old, can tell stories or poem
  • Children, when they are 5 years old, can speak in clear sentences


Nursery School in Pune recommends that parents should engage in activities at any time of the day like family meals, bath time or shopping, to make literacy development sessions more fun. And moreover, you can definitely spare as little as 5 minutes, a few times a day to engage in activities to boost the literacy development of your child. Language and Literacy development is very important for your child’s overall development. It’s the foundation for doing well in all walks of life and in all areas.

Jyoti Arora

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