Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack
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Playing blackjack online is possible thanks to live casinos that offer real blackjack tables filmed by cameras. New technologies provide blackjack lovers with tables to play from any computer.

Thus, real blackjack tables are installed in studios in the presence of real dealers in the flesh. HD cameras broadcast live what is happening around the online blackjack table.

Online Blackjack in a Live Casino

All live software provides online players with blackjack tables filmed in real time from studios. Thus, technologies such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Microgaming Live, Netent Live, Vivo Gaming, and so on allow Internet users to play from home on authentic blackjack tables.

We are going to explain everything to you about online live blackjack that is hugely successful with players from all over the world.

Live Blackjack with Live Dealers

First, cameras film the blackjack tables and broadcast in real time what is happening around the table with a delay of a few thousandths of a second. The croupiers present around the live blackjack tables can chat with the players quietly installed at home. The croupiers can communicate with the players via a live chat but for that, you need to master English.

Although the platform is completely in any language in all the best online casinos, we offer in our guide, the croupiers communicate in English whether to announce the cards or to converse with the players. The croupiers are often women from Eastern or Asian countries depending on the casino software specialized in live gaming.

Let’s admit that the croupiers are handpicked for their intellectual competence but also for their often advantageous plastic. Most dealers in live casinos are very charming and what better than to play in the company of beautiful live dealers?

The player finds himself in front of a real gaming table facing a real croupier and apart from the fact that the player cannot touch the cards or the chips, the playing conditions are similar to brick-and-mortar casinos.

Live Blackjack Bonuses

If you like bonuses, live gaming sites may disappoint you because bonuses are not their forte. Indeed, live casino bonuses offer bonuses of around 100% on the first deposit only. Others offer cashback bonuses but this is rather rare. Thus, a percentage of the bet is credited in real money to the player’s account. Real blackjack players especially high rollers do not need bonuses to play blackjack as is the case in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Most of the time, bonuses are not valid at live blackjack tables. Almost all casinos do not allow players of traditional live games (blackjack but also roulette and baccarat) to take advantage of bonuses. It is important to contact customer service to ensure that the bonuses are also valid for live blackjack games.

We take this opportunity to say and say again that the bonuses offered by online casinos impose wagering conditions before any withdrawal of winnings.

Live Blackjack Tip: Play without a bonus so you can withdraw your winnings whenever you want.

Live Blackjack Technology

Several live blackjack software offers tables to Internet users. Thus, it is possible to play day and night on these tables filmed in the studios. Evolution Gaming software is, in our opinion, the best live blackjack technology.

The game setting is exceptional as is the quality of the HD images as well as the speed of the streaming. Evolution Gaming’s live blackjack tables are our favorites for their high-definition images and uninterrupted streaming.

Ezugi, Betconstruct, Visionary Igaming, and Netent Live software also have an excellent range of live blackjack tables, as does Microgaming Live.

Live Blackjack on Mobile: Play Live on iOS and Android!

If you want to play live blackjack on your mobile, no worries, you will be well off. Thanks to HTML5 technology mastered by most live software, you can play on many live blackjack tables.

We recommend the Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack Party table with its 2 croupiers who create a superb atmosphere. Impossible to get bored on this gaming table.

About fifty blackjack tables, all software combined, are accessible on mobile, whether under iOS or Android technology. Thus, you will be able to play live blackjack directly from your smartphone wherever you are and whenever you want.

Best Live Blackjack Tables by Live Dealers

The live blackjack tables are accessible on all the live casinos we offer, from studios to brick-and-mortar casinos.

On the other hand, there are about ten online roulette tables that are filmed live from land-based casinos. These gambling establishments are located in Great Britain, the USA, Malta, Romania, and Georgia. No need to go to these authentic land-based casinos to play roulette, a simple account at an online Casino will do the trick!

Live Blackjack Tables for Beginners With Low Stakes

There are several live blackjack tables that we recommend. The first is the Blackjack Party table. It is one of our favorite blackjack tables due to its  HD images and perfect streaming. Plus, the betting starts at just 50 cents. Other tables like Freebet Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, and Power Blackjack allow novice players to try their hand with bets of one euro. All these tables come from Evolution Gaming software, the leader in live dealer games, whatever the game.

Other tables like Netent Live’s Blitz Blackjack are also worth a look.

For players with a certain level, many gaming tables offer bets in the 15-50 euro range.

Our Live Blackjack Tables for VIP Players (Or High Rollers)

There are other blackjack tables from Evolution Gaming such as Blackjack Platinum or VIP that are worth a look but it all depends on the level you have. If you are a VIP player, we recommend Salon Privé Blackjack. There are 3 blackjack tables with minimum bets of €1000, €1500, and €2000 accessible only to VIP players and one player per table.

The Equipment on a Live Blackjack Table

Blackjack is a very popular card game in casinos. If you are one of those who appreciate this game, it is important that you master a certain number of things related to its practice.

Before even learning the rules of the game, you must first know certain basic elements such as the equipment on a blackjack table.

This will make it easier for you to understand the rules and how the game works in order to better manage your games. Here is a brief overview of the elements that you will generally find on a blackjack table:

decks of cards

This is the most important material on a blackjack table. Depending on the variant, between 6 and 8 decks of 52 cards are used. It must be said that the traditional versions of the game were played with a single deck of cards; only over time has the number been revised upwards for different reasons.

The Live Blackjack Table

A game of live blackjack also requires a table with a carpet with all the markings necessary for the conduct of the games. The table cloth is usually marked with locations for placing bets.

The tables that accommodate a maximum of 7 players are therefore equipped with 7 “spots” where players can bet. Apart from the betting boxes, you will also find on a live blackjack table:

  • The Bank/Cash: This is a location in front of the dealer, where players’ winnings are stored. At the end of each game, the chips thus Rake picked up the chips at the blackjack table stored are counted by the croupier to be distributed among the winners.
  • The rake: It is a small accessory used by the croupier to bring back to him the bets of the players already placed on the table. They say he “snatches” them…
  • The shoe: This is the box where all the playing cards are kept. The number of cards in the shoe may vary depending on the variant. A shoe can hold up to 312 cards!
  • The rack: Also called a discard rack, this is a small accessory intended to collect burnt cards (cards that have already been played).
  • The tip slot: At the end of their experience, players can decide to offer a little money to the dealer, especially when they are happy to have won. The tip slot accommodates tips offered to the dealer by players.

The dealer

This is a well-trained professional who is employed by the casino to direct the conduct of blackjack games. Its role is to distribute the cards, distribute winnings and guide the players. Basically, he makes sure the game runs smoothly.


Each with a circular shape and generally made of plastic, tokens are the means of payment used in casinos. They are of different colors; each color corresponding to a given value. For example, white or gray tokens are worth €1, while orange ones can be worth €5,000.

Card shufflers or CSM

These are tools that were introduced to blackjack in the early 2000s. They allow cards to be shuffled automatically. Over time, card shufflers began to be viewed as cheat tools in favor of casinos. As a result, they are used less and less in establishments.

So! You now know the material elements and the personnel necessary for a live blackjack table. But before you start, it is also necessary to master the rules of the game as well as the blackjack glossary.

Live Blackjack Rules for Beginners

A staple in every casino around the world, live blackjack is arguably the most popular casino table game along with roulette. Offering players an advantage over the casino, it is a fairly easy game to learn. Its rules are accessible to all on the simple condition of being able to count up to 21 and to be able to add the cards properly. Here is a detailed overview of its rules.

The Basics of Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is a card game played with a dealer and at least one player. In land-based casinos, blackjack tables generally accommodate 5, 6, or 7 people for a so-called full table. Between 4 and 6 decks of 52 cards are then necessary and the croupier then uses a shoe.

Live Blackjack Card Numbers

In live blackjack, knowing the numerical value of each card is essential to hope to be able to win. We will therefore retain the following:

Cards numbered from 2 to 10 (2, 3, 4.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) retain their face value, regardless of suit. Thus, a 4 of hearts will have the same value as a 4 of spades.
Face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) are all worth 10 regardless of their suit.

The Ace is a very special card in blackjack. It can have a value of 1 or 11 depending on its interest in the hand in which it is located.

On this basis, to determine the value of a live blackjack hand, simply add up the value of the cards that make it up. For example, a hand containing a 6 and a 4 will be worth 10 points (4+6=10).

Similarly, a hand containing a queen and a 10 will have the same value as a hand containing two kings, for example, ie 20 (10+10). Finally, a hand containing an Ace and a face card is worth 21 points, which is called an automatic blackjack (11+10=21). Because in blackjack, including live blackjack, 21 is the goal.

The object of the game of live blackjack

The principle of live blackjack is quite simple. To win the game, the player must manage to beat the dealer by obtaining a higher hand without going over 21, which is considered the highest score in the game.

Live Blackjack Game Flow

At the start of the live blackjack game, the dealer deals 2 cards to each player around the table, including himself. The players’ two cards are exposed while the dealer keeps his first card face down. Only the second is therefore discovered at its level. Once the first two cards are dealt with, different options are available to players depending on the value of their hand.

1st case: the Natural

We speak of Natural or “natural blackjack” when the player receives an initial hand of two cards worth 21. He is then paid 3 against 2 (or 3:2) on his initial bet.

2nd case: the game continues

If the value of the player’s hand is not equal to 21, he has the choice between different options: to stand, to draw, to double, to abandon, to split, or even to take insurance (we will come back to these terms in more detail later).

To make the right decision, the player must consider the dealer’s up card and guess a bit which one is covered. Thus, if he considers that the value of his hand is not sufficient to beat the dealer’s cards, he can ask to “draw” a card.

The player can renew this operation as many times as he wishes until he is satisfied with the value of his hand, but on the condition that this value does not exceed 21. In this case, the player is said to “bust” and he loses the game. In a live blackjack at an online casino, once you’ve finished drawing and you’re happy with the value of your hand, it’s the dealer’s turn to act.

Generally, players stop shooting when they reach a hand worth between 16 and 21 points. Of course, before drawing, the player must each time limit the risk of “busting” by ensuring that the dealer has the high-value cards. In a physical casino, all players must act before the dealer who always acts last in live blackjack.

Dealer Actions

The dealer’s first action is to turn over his down card. The actions of the dealer are then defined according to the value of his hand:

If his hand is worth 16 or less, he must draw a card.

If his hand is 17 or more, he must not hit. In the case of a “soft 17” (an Ace and a 7), the rule may vary from one casino to another. In some cases, the “bust” is impossible, because the Ace is taken into account with a value of 1 point. The dealer must then hit.

If in drawing, the croupier “busts” (exceeds 21), the players who did not “bust” win. If he does not “bust”, players with a stronger hand than the dealer are paid 1 to 1. In the event of a tie or “push”, no one wins.

Advanced Live Blackjack Rules

After receiving his cards, a player can also decide to “double down”. In simple terms, this means he asks for a single card and doubles the bet. The other option available to the player is to “separate” (or split). For this, the player must have in the initial hand two cards of the same value which are then used as the first cards for two new hands. Here too the bet is double.

If the player judges that his initial hand cannot allow him to win, he can limit the losses by giving up. He then withdraws from the game, leaving half of his bet. Finally, when the player thinks the dealer has a “natural” with his initial hand, the possibility is offered to the player to make this option when the dealer’s open card is an Ace.

If the dealer actually has a blackjack, the player then recovers his entire bet. Otherwise, he loses half of his bet in addition to the loss or gains realized for the score of the current hand.

As can be seen, the live blackjack player can take the time to develop a well-crafted strategy. Which is a big advantage over the blackjack dealer who must strictly follow the rules.

Live Blackjack FAQs

What is the object of the game in blackjack?

To win money at blackjack, you need to form a stronger hand than the dealer’s. On the other hand, it should not exceed 21.

How to calculate the value of your hand in blackjack?

To determine the value of your hand, simply add up the value of all the cards that compose it, knowing that an ace is worth 1 or 11, a figure 10 and the other cards their face value.

How much does a blackjack payout in blackjack?

In blackjack, when our first two cards are worth 21 in all, we form what is called a blackjack. This hand is normally rewarded via a 3 to 2 ratio. Unfortunately, some tables only pay 6 to 5.

How does blackjack insurance work?

When the dealer’s first card is an ace, we can bet up to half of our initial bet in insurance against a possible blackjack on his part. If the dealer manages to form this hand, we lose our first bet but we win our insurance bet paid 2 against 1. If the dealer does not succeed, we lose our insurance and the fate of our initial bet is settled normally.

What codified rule does the blackjack dealer follow?

At most blackjack tables, the dealer draws an extra card until the hand is at least 17.

Can we train free on the Internet to learn the rules of blackjack?

Yes, it is possible to train in free mode on blackjack games under RNG. On the other hand, the live tables are always accessible only with real money bets.

What are the best live games to learn the rules of blackjack?

It is better to focus on live blackjack tables accepting small bets, when trying to familiarize yourself with the rules, such as Infinite Blackjack and Blackjack Party.

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