Long Cat Plush Pillow

Whoever is lucky enough to be the recipient of this Cotton Long Cat Plush Pillow will undoubtedly be overjoyed. You have a selection of options available to you in terms of designs! Because it can provide support for either your arms or your head while you’re sleeping, this long pillow or bolster is the ideal sleeping companion. It is also quite nice to cuddle with because of its softness and its ability to allow air to pass through it. You could even bring this pillow with you on long car rides if you wanted to.

Never again will you have to worry about being alone since you will always be surrounded by your furry companions, a wonderfully soft plush cushion with a charming kitty face that is certain to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

When you cuddle up with this lovely kitty cushion, you’ll experience a symphony of pleasurable sensations thanks to the pillow’s unbelievably plush texture… You’ll never have to spend a chilly night alone again now that you always have something to cuddle up with!

This allergy-friendly and the asthma-friendly purrfect cushion is made from an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material that is 100% allergen-free, and it is designed to maximize your comfort and enjoyment… That’s what I call good value!

  • Our Plush Cat Pillow will prevent you from slouching over and placing unnecessary pressure on your spine, which will help you avoid waking up with any backaches or pains. It will also provide excellent support for your neck.
  • Simple to maintain: Easy to maintain, all you have to do to clean this cute kitty is to put it in the washing machine like you would any other article of clothing or common household object.


How can I determine which size is best for me?

A: There really is no such thing as the “correct size.” You have complete control over the situation. Because of their length, the cuddle friends that range from 90 to 130 centimeters are, in our experience, the best option for adults.

Can this item be washed in a machine?

A: Absolutely! They can be cleaned in a washing machine using lukewarm water and a gentle setting for the spin cycle. However, tossing it into a dryer is not something that we encourage doing. Permit it to dry in its natural state.

What kind of material is the snuggle me pillow made of, please? Is there no use of animal testing?

A: The Snuggle Me Pillow is composed of cotton and is stuffed with polyester. And without a doubt! It does not test on animals in any way.

How can I smooth out the creases in the pillowcase?

A: There’s no need to be alarmed; this is quite natural! It is not unusual for there to be wrinkles because it is vacuum-sealed, as this prevents air from escaping. When you’ve finished opening the packaging, give your new best friend a vigorous shake and a little pat to help it settle in.

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