Looking for Delicious Snack Options? Check Out 5 Products at the 99 Store!

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What kind of a snacker are you? The forever-munching snacker? The late-night snacker? The movie-night snacker? The stress-munching snacker? In all these instances, there are high chances you end up snacking on expensive items, for plenty of items are available for buying but are not necessarily affordable. This is where the 99 store steps in with its diverse range of snacking options under Rs. 99. Yes, you read that right.

Snacking refers to the food intake during the day or night besides what you would eat in your main portions. They typically comprise smaller food portions between meals and aid in keeping your hunger pangs at bay. So, without much ado, let us explore delicious snacking options at a 99 price from the 99 store

  • Chatpata Pudina Naan Chips

Who can resist the flavoursome combination of classic naan and pudina flavour? Yes, the crunchy and minty flavours of baked Chatpata Pudina Naan Chips with a hint of spice make you drool and take your tastebuds on an incredible flavour journey. The refreshing taste of mint leaves was discovered in 1500-1000 BC Egyptian tombs when Romans and Greeks used them for bathing and perfuming their bodies. Cut to today, the zingy taste of pudina naan chips is no less than a treat inspired by the flavours of North Indian cuisine. So, get it from the 99 store and watch your friends finish the pack within a minute on your next movie night out.

  • Tez Tandoori Naan Chips

If you are a tandoori naan lover, your ultimate wish would be to munch on it all day long. Great! We have good news. Get the Tez Tandoori Naan Chips from the 99 shop store and enjoy the desi goodness and crispy texture of naan chips in your mouth. Loaded with delicious tandoori flavours, you will surely be left longing for another packet. Baked with multigrain and wheat flour, these classic naan chips are light and tackle your cravings well. Get these easy-to-carry snacks ASAP so you can relish them on your next trip.

  • Sour Cream and Onion Pita Chips

The iconic sour cream-onion combo flavour is too tempting to resist for all and sundry. And the Sour Cream and Onion Pita Chips offer you just that. The crunchy texture of the Pita chips is seasoned with a wide selection of herbs and spices that are sure to leave you wanting more. The origins of this delicious punch of flavours was accidentally discovered when the cream of skimmed milk turned sour due to the absence of refrigeration. Sour cream is widely used across Europe and North America, and when mixed with the bold taste of parsley and garlic, it turns magical. So, stock up on these Baked Pita chips from the 99 store for your next party and team these up with different signature dips from Wingreens.

  • Tangy Cheese Pita Chips with Mexican Salsa Dip

Impress your guests and take care of their hunger pangs with another delicious snack option, such as the Tangy Cheese Pita Chips with Mexican Salsa Dip. With an explosion of flavours in your mouth, you can only swoon over the spicy goodness in each bite. Dip the cheesy pita chips in the tangy Mexican Salsa dip prepared from the exciting combination of green peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, and herbs, and go snacking. Get these chips at the 99 store and enjoy the traditional cheese-tomato combo today. 

  • Butter Garlic Naan Chips with Makhani Dip

Get ready for the ultimate mouth-watering Indian party snack – the Butter Garlic Naan Chips. The twice-baked, delicious chips pair well with Makhani dip, making them a convenient snack option. Wow your colleagues at the next get-together with the smooth and creamy texture of the Makhani dip. Get this lip smacking combo at the 99 store.

The Bottom Line

When your next hunger pangs hit, aim for snacking options from the 99 store at Wingreens World instead of highly processed, expensive options. Wingreens World offers delicious snacking options on a budget and makes you satisfy your tastebuds with myriad flavours. So, go snacking – the Wingreens Way!

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