How can you improve loom Wi-Fi extender coverage around you?

loom wifi extender
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Loom wifi extender is an internet repeater. This device gives us a boost wifi this extender, you can see two antennas. This extender is provided to you with Advance 3D antennas and center processors. Their speed is 300mbps, it is very powerful and high. This extender setup is very easy. Press the WPS button of your extender and router. Then they are connected together. This extender gives you a signal indicator. When you are 2600sp ft fare of this extender so don’t worry this device gives you a full range. When you can use this device, you will find that this device is better than other extenders. The loom wi-fi extender is designed by a USA company. This device frequency is 2.4GHz.This device provides you with five-mode, so with this product, you can enjoy your network in any room you don’t have facing any network problem. 

 How to setup loom wifi extender – 

I provide you with a very easy way to set up with WPS.

  • Power on the extender and your router.
  • Press the WPS button of your device and router.
  • Then your device will be  30sec connected only.
  • Wait for “activate the light” of your router.
  • Then unbox, and plug in your router.

Configure your extender with help of an ethernet cable-

This is a different technology way to set up a Loom wifi extender.

  • First, you need an ethernet cable and connect your ethernet cable with a computer and laptop.
  • Open the wifi list and enter the SSID (name) and password who can you find out for extender.

If either port is not working, you can also configure the extender this way.

  • Plug the extender in the wall after that plug the ethernet cable into the extender and the system.
  • You can connect with the extender.
  • If any switch on the side of the extender, make sure you can set this to “extender mode”.
  • At last, open the web browser and enter the IP address of the extender.
  • The login page will be open and enter the username and password.
  • In the last, you get the loom home page and go to the setting and configure the extender.

How you can find your loom wifi extender network password

Open the web browser and in the URL bar enter the IP address to the extender with username and password. Then click on the setting. Look from the loom wifi extender password. If they write the extender network password is the same as, so it is the same. As your main WiFi router for loom wifi extender setup. If the password is different, it will show you a different password under security, and also show the type of “network key”.

Some Situations When Your Loom WiFi Extender Won’t Work

There are some situations when your loom wifi extender won’t work. So if it is not working so this is for you-

  • If the extender is disconnected, it can’t work.
  • Sometimes our router is damaged.
  • When Ethernet cable or either port will be damaged.
  • Check your password is right.
  • Make sure the network and electronic plug are working.
  • In the rainy season, rainwater damages wires and plugs so check the electric plugs and wair it is working or not.

An extender Reset ways

Press and hold the reset button of the extender for 30 sec. And after that, your extender LED light will be blinking and the process is complete.

Due to slow network of extender

Some typical reasons-

  • if your router is a few away from the extender.
  • When the extender ethernet cable is loose.
  • If the router or extender was old.
  • When the internet network is so weak.

They all are big reasons when you face a slow network.

Superior way update firmware on loom wifi extender

  • First, you can visit any browser.
  • Login extender with the help of the username and password.
  • Then open the extender menu display.
  • You can get the firmware update page by clicking on it.
  • After that click on the setting.
  • Then select firmware update  
  • If you don’t see the setting option, then select the Maintenance option. In this, you select  Firmware Upgrade.
  • At last, you click on the check online or check.
  • If your firmware is new, follow all these guidelines step by step.

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