Love changes skin: Televisa’s new telenovela

The Turkish show finally showed up on the Telemundo screen and, in spite of the way that it forgot to persuade swarms Univision’s telenovelas, it made its show through the front doorway.

The fiction showed up at the midpoint of 1.3 million watchers (P2+) and 508 adults 18-49 years of age during its 2-hour debut episode, according to Nielsen data conveyed by PRODU, calculates that through and through further foster the results that the Hispanic redirect had been getting in those comparable time assignments with La suerte de Loli and the new version of Bistro con scent de mujer.

In all honesty, without going any further, the show drove by William Cost and Laura Londoño showed up at the midpoint of 978 thousand watchers (P2+) basically the day going before at 10 pm Eastern time, while the finale of La suerte de Loli recorded 1. 2 million (P2+), data lower than that of Hercai.

The introduction of the ennovelas Turkish telenovela, regardless, forgot to outperform Univision’s Mexican telenovela Si nos dejan. The story highlighting Mayrín Villanueva continues to drive afternoon on Hispanic television with more than a million and a half watchers (P2+).

Accepting they let us: 1.5 million (P2+)
The pastor’s daughter: 1.4 million (P2+)
Arranging your fondness: 1.4 million (P2+)
Hercai: 1.3 million (P2+)
Set in the old city of Midyat, in the important Turkish region of Mardin, Hercai relates the record of an unbelievable love brought into the universe of retaliation and unfairness.

The show begins when Miran, a youthful individual incited by his irate grandmother, embraces a retribution mean to regard the end of his people.

In the meantime, the yearning of Reyyan, a great young woman, to move away from her granddad’s pressure drives her suddenly into the arms of Miran.

She will fall head over heels for Miran without knowing his real points and he will observe that his love is more grounded than dispute and scorn.

This warmth will deliver a standoff between families that will constrain Miran and Reyyan to fight for an unbelievable relationship and rout the obstructions that envelop them.

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