Luxury cars to rent this New Year

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Renting a car that is both smooth & comfortable is one of the key components when it comes to a fun adventure. In addition to this, airfares have become quite expensive and even renting cars has become very overprized in countries like Europe & even Asian countries like Pakistan have become quite expensive regarding car rental prices. Even car owners are suffering from high petrol & diesel prices, and it is not likely to go down any time soon. Booking a car service in Lahore can be very tricky as there are hidden costs that can be attached to your bill without even you noticing. There are also some additional fees and lots of insurance extras involved. However, with IRIS tour rental service, you can get Honda BR-V to rent per day at affordable prices. If you have booked a luxury car for this Christmas and you want to save some money, too, then these tips will surely help you keep your costs low.

Don’t leave the process for the last minute:

Everyone knows that when you want something that is time-related. It is not a great idea to buy that thing at the last minute, or it would cost you very much, even if it is a train ticket, plane ticket or accommodation if you are booking them at the last minute the chances are you are going to pay more than the usual. Many car rental companies have sold their vehicles during the pandemic so that they can survive the outbreak. The manufacturing shortage, combined with the enhanced travel fares, is going to outrun the supply. As a result, it is suggested to book a car in advance in order to secure the car rental.

You should always check your car before you go on:

The most crucial thing that comes to renting a car is to always check the car before you leave the service provider’s location. Most of the time rent a car service provider always state that there is no damage to the vehicle. However, you should always take note of any kind of damage that can be seen so that when you return the car, they won’t blame it on you. In addition to this, you should always look for dents, cracks, scratches, and specifically in places like bumpers and wing mirrors. You should state these issues to the dealership and write them before you sign the agreement.

Book a car in Lahore with a local company:

Most of the time, getting something from a big corporation is a good deal; however, when it comes to renting a car service, a small rental firm might help you to save some money. As most of the time, it is better to shop around to save money; however, it is not sensible to book a company that no one has heard of. Getting a Honda BR-V rent per day from IRIS tour rental service can save you a lot of money while having the peace of mind that you are getting a deal from an authentic dealer.

Stay away from airport car rental organizations:

It is always easier to get a car from a rental organization at the airport. However, the convenience can really cost you. As it is a busy hub, cars are always in demand, so there can be a surge in the price. So the local organization that is not present at the airport are usually cheaper, so it is always best to get deal from local vendors.

Get third-party insurance:

Getting insurance from a car rental company is mostly more expensive and less detailed. Instead, you should get your insurance from a third-party vendor. The car rental company will emphasize to you to buy insurance from them; however, if you have good coverage in advance, it would be easy to ignore their sales pitch.

Get a map or have a navigation app:

If you can get a car that has fewer features, that means it would be cheaper than another. Many people think maps are an old method of tracking where you are going. However, if you are good at navigation and you are traveling with your partner or a friend, it will surely help you. Through a map, you also get to know the local areas, and you might even discover special beauty spots. But if you think your navigation skills are not great, it is better to get a navigation app. Moreover, with IRIS tour rental services, you get one of the best book car services in Lahore. In addition to this, our rent-a-car prices are also very affordable, as you can check out our Honda BR-V rent-per-day rate list.

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