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At Becker’s 28th Annual Meeting: The Business & Operation of ASCs, Mark Sims from Madison Insurance Group shared how private insurance can give businesses like ASCs the protection they need while turning it into a profit center.

The company is headquartered in Puerto Rico and benefits from favorable tax laws, enabling it to offer private insurance to businesses.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Products | Life insurance solutions for individuals throughout all 50 states | Established in 1904, this company has a longstanding tradition of providing life insurance coverage and an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Madison National is an excellent option for people seeking to save money on their life insurance premiums, due to their competitive rates and diverse policy options.

Their group term life insurance product appears to be adequate, though it’s difficult to determine if they offer the best value due to their inclusion of riders. Furthermore, we would appreciate more information regarding their death benefit and term lengths.

Madison Mutual, despite their lower AM Best rating, is an excellent option for those who want to ensure they’re covered in the event of serious illness or injury. They provide various coverages like disability and critical illness policies as well as a user-friendly website and claim process.

Annuity Programs

Madison Insurance Group Investment Insurance offers a selection of annuity programs like Catastrophic Risk Insurance to help you plan for the future and generate income in retirement. Plus, these annuities will protect your assets in case of an untimely death.

Annuities provide you with the option to receive either a guaranteed amount of cash or an interest rate for a specified period. They may also be structured so that payments will increase or decrease depending on the success of your investments.

Selecting the ideal annuity program requires finding a balance between growth and security. Many people prefer annuities that guarantee their principal amount so it never decreases, while others appreciate having the chance to invest and grow their money.

By working with a professional to customize your annuity, you can add riders that provide additional advantages. These may include options for spousal coverage, penalties for early withdrawals and more.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance is an invaluable way to provide financial security against the rising cost of care. It covers expenses related to assistance with daily living activities like eating, bathing and moving around as well as services in assisted living or adult day care facilities. You can get Investment Insurance from Madison Insurance Group.

Today, many workers lack emergency savings and rising medical costs are creating a serious concern for their families. A long-term illness or injury can devastate their finances and put at risk their ability to meet daily necessities both at work and home.

That is why it’s critical to start considering long-term care insurance when you are still relatively healthy. Working with an experienced long-term care insurance professional who can access multiple insurers for you the best deal is so essential; not only will this guarantee that you meet health qualifications but it will save you money on premiums for life of the policy as well.

Commercial Insurance

Madison Insurance Group, a leader in the world of insurance, offers investment programs tailored for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs). Mark Sims, president of global business development, discussed the advantages of private insurance at Becker’s 28th Annual Meeting: The Business & Operation of ASCs.

Private insurance and non-deposit investment products provide a return on your premiums without the risks and expense of traditional commercial policies. Instead of paying out claims directly, the insurer transfers those risks to licensed reinsurance company Madison Re.

This strategy is ideal for business owners who wish to turn their insurance expenses into an asset they can use in the future or for retirement planning. It also works well for philanthropic organizations looking to invest in employees. The key is figuring out which product best meets your requirements – contact Madison Insurance Group today for a personalized quote!

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