Makeup: A Guide to Indian Bridal Makeup in South Mumbai

Indian bridal makeup in south mumbai
Indian bridal makeup in south mumbai

Weddings are big, fun, and exciting events in India and all over the world, but one of the most important parts of planning a wedding is deciding what kind of makeup you’ll wear on your big day. The truth is, many brides don’t even know that there’s more than one kind of makeup out there! South Mumbai makeup artists are well-versed in the art of Indian bridal makeup, and if you’re getting married in the area, it might be best to consult their expertise first before making your decision!

The History of Bride’s Makeup

In modern-day Indian Bridal Makeup in South Mumbai, brides are often adorned with a range of jewelry and makeup. The tradition of the bride wearing makeup is a fairly recent phenomenon, with the practice originating from America’s Hollywood film industry.

The first instance of an Indian bride wearing cosmetics appears to be actress Devika Rani who wore a lipstick shade called Indian Red for her 1924 wedding. However, back in those days, brides were expected to be as fair as possible so that they looked better on camera—think red lips and white skin—and makeup was used more sparingly.

Types of Haldi Ceremony

Haldi is a centuries-old tradition that signifies the Hindu belief in purity, and it’s traditionally performed on women a few days before their weddings. Haldi ceremonies are elaborate affairs with intricate customs and rituals, which vary from region to region.

In India, there are two types of Haldi ceremony: one where the entire body is smeared with turmeric paste or a paste made up of turmeric, gram flour, sesame oil, and lemon juice; the other is a more elaborate pre-wedding ritual called jhanki Haldar where only the bride’s hands and feet are smeared with yellow paste.

Types of Mehendi Ceremony

Maharaja, Desi, and Rajput are the three types of Mehendi Ceremony. Maharaja is a Persian-style ceremony that entails the bride being painted with Mehendi on her hands and feet only. Desi is an Indian traditional style that uses Mehendi on both hands and feet with intricate designs. Rajput is a blend of Persian and Indian styles; these brides will have Mehendi on their hands, feet, chest, neck, and face as well as intricate designs. The Bridegroom wears Rajput Mehndi while the bride has Maharaja or Desi Mehndi.

Expert Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup

  1. Prepare your skin before applying makeup with a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser and toner.
  2. Apply a light moisturizer like jojoba or grapeseed oil.
  3. Apply a thick, translucent powder before the foundation and set it with loose powder after application for the perfect finish.
  4. Sweep on a nude lip gloss or clear lip balm to keep your lips soft and hydrated all day long without having to worry about smudging!
  5. Apply mascara only to the top of your lashes- don’t let them touch or clump together by using an eyelash comb!
  6. Line your eyes with black kajal, then apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner along the upper lashline, smudging outwards for more drama!
  7. Fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown eyebrow pencil.
  8. When you’re done blending the eyebrows use hairspray to hold the brows into place for hours!
  9. Dust on bronzer if desired and you’re ready to go!

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