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makeup boxes
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What are The Makeup Boxes

Makeup boxes: In makeup, industry branding consider a key that conveys its message clearly to its target customers and also encourages them to buy the products. Customboxeszone is a versatile company that helps businessman achieve their goals. We provide custom makeup boxes with different shapes and sizes. These boxes designing with different methods that make them more charming and also get the attention of the buyers. We use our flexography, offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, and no-screen printing with CMYK and also PMS color schemes to print the boxes.

Makeup items are delicate products that require safety. That’s why we produce packaging boxes with cardboard, Kraft, and corrugate material. This material is a durable and also safe material. For finishing, our company offers lamination and foiling techniques. Use our miniature technique to print the pictures on boxes. Our team feels happy to guide you. We deliver your order in 15 to 20 days.

Custom Boxes are Essential for Packaging

The world is moving towards fashion and also glamour, so there is enormous demand for beauty products. Every new day, makeup industries are introducing new products in the market. The products need suitable packaging that can stand out for their brands because brand products are recognized clearly. We offer makeup boxes for various products. Consumers can get these boxes in all shapes and also sizes. Our packaging process modifies the boxes’ style, color, and also shape with other specifications. Custom boxes are a statement of your brand that connects your customers with your brand.

Every company is recognizing its specific color and also logo. We design a unique and stylish logo for your brand. Moreover, we provide CMYK and also PMS color schemes, and their vibrant color scheme creates a unique color for the makeup boxes.

Obtain Compensation Packaging

Packaging is the important key for outcomes that determine you from your contenders. People are awaking from environmental issues and becoming loyal towards them. The buyers demand such material that is good for the product and also the environment. We offer different packaging materials for custom makeup boxes, e.g., Kraft, corrugated, and also cardboard. Cardboard is unique from other packaging. It is light weight and cheap material that quickly load in the vehicle. It is made from timber and not bad for the environment. If we talk about Kraft material, it’s also biodegradable and pocket-friendly. It gives an excellent printing performance.

Compared to other papers, Kraft is more muscular and doesn’t use extensive bleach. We produce various items with Kraft like envelopes, gift wrapping, tag cards, etc. corrugated has become the choice of many companies because it is low-cost, low-weight, and also readily available. The size of your boxes is designed according to your requirements.

Makeup Boxes By Style

This era is the “era of glamour.” People like styling packaging because they think simple products are cheap and local. That’s why; we are providing you makeup boxes with unique styles like auto bottom, gable boxes, sleeve boxes, front and also reverse end-tuck boxes, claim shell, kilo boxes, two-piece boxes, one-piece boxes, tray boxes, 1,2,3 auto bottom box, Chinese take-out boxes, and display boxes. All these boxes are unique and safe by it. Our sleeve and tray boxes can be used for expensive products; primarily, people use them to gift their beloved ones.

  • Coating, Insertion & Miniature

There are many types of coating that safe the custom makeup boxes. The first one is

  • Lamination

Lamination protects from moisture and also dust. It has high properties, so it is a little expensive to others. Our company provides three types of laminations glossy, matt, and satin.

  • UV Coating

It is used to protect the durability of packaging because it is waterproof. UV coating can be used on the specific or whole box. It’s your choice.

  • Insertion

It is a widespread technique. It makes the eyeliner boxes more adorable. We provide paper insert, foam insert, pouch insert, and fence insert.

  • Miniature

One of the best techniques is miniature. Through it, we print different pictures on boxes. This method is very famous in the makeup industry because boxes are designe with a product’s picture.

Know About Our Printing Techniques

We have been working last many years, and our innovative printing methods make your experience worthy. We have Offset printing, flexography, digital printing, screen printing, and also No-printing. The printing technique enhances the beauty of your custom makeup boxes. To make them more attractive, use the window die-cut technique. There are some advantages of die-cut as such.

  • Customers buy quickly increase the sale
  • It connects the inside products
  • Keep the food fresh
  • People consider it a premium product

Add-on Features

We listed our add-on feature that you can use to make the custom makeup boxes distinctive.

The add-on feature is Embossing and also debussing of boxes, PVC sheet, UV spot, Scoring, Perforation, Raised ink, etc.

The properties of the PVC sheet don’t affect the taste of packed food, and also it needs less fuel for transport and manufacturing. Scoring is a thin line that stiffens with paper folding.

Choose US for Services

Customboxeszone is the first choice of our loyal customers. You can get our 3D mock-up samples and free quote.

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