Marketing for the entrepreneurial coach

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Marketing; every entrepreneur must believe in it or, rather, learn to believe in it. Yet it is quite a challenge for many independent entrepreneurs. Marketing for the entrepreneurial coaches is, if possible, even more difficult.

The questions an entrepreneur cannot ask

You have to sell yourself, which is harder than selling a product. A product is tangible and that sells much easier than the services you offer. Even if you are a very good coach, it is still difficult to convince the other person how good you are. Instead of telling, you would want to put yourself in the position of asking questions. The right questions. Entrepreneurial coaches can ask questions that an entrepreneur simply cannot ask.

The tricky thing about coaching is that entrepreneurs cannot imagine or imagine what it will bring them. In fact, they have to undergo it first in order to be able to say what it brought them. However, it is better to transfer such experiences from others to the potential customer facing that choice. Preferably told by the satisfied customer:  entrepreneurs talk about the results achieved with their entrepreneurial coach.

71% have trouble finding new customers

In a benchmark study among business coaches by Bureau Somer Design, 71% say they have difficulty acquiring more customers . Moreover, coaches for self-employed entrepreneurs lack a clear marketing strategy. You can’t blame them. No one invests in a marketing strategy that does not lead to a paying customer. That’s why you need to have a tangible product that you can give to a potential customer. The Giveaway. 

This is not new, almost every marketing coach recommends this to his service coach client. For example, write an eBook or valuable white paper and offer it for free on your blog post or social media channel as part of your sales funnel. I am not saying that this is bad advice, but you distinguish yourself as a business coach from any other coaching practice by doing something new and unique. 

That is why it is better if you can distinguish yourself from your competitors with what you offer to your target group for free. Sure, you can get a new customer through these  5 Marketing Tips to Get More Customers . But if you want to stand out and get the chance to take on the directing role that allows you to ask the right questions, you need to come up with something unique. 

Marketing for the entrepreneurial coach: E-Scan freemium and premium

The freemium and premium version of the E-Scan is a good and unique tool to start immediately with the most important asset of any company: the entrepreneur! After all, the personality of a business owner influences the success of his business and vice versa. Yet very few business coaches and (financial) advisors focus on the person behind the company. 

Instead, they only focus on the business side of entrepreneurship. However, when you first start the business, it is very difficult to go back to the mindset of the entrepreneur. That’s why you should start with E-Scan first. E-Scan freemium and premium offer you an inbound marketing tool that gives you the coaching results you and your clients want.

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