Marketing Strategies for your export-import business

Starting a business can be a hectic process, and establishing it in the market can be the next difficult step. Now, if you are interested in investing in business or organization then you should understand that marketing is one of the essential factors. 

An intelligent market strategy can help you in reaching a wide audience. There are many companies, such as Kunal International India, that have been working for many years in the industry with an impressive impact. From the detailed analysis of the successful business leaders, we want our readers to know that a perfect marketing plan can make their company successful.

How can I plan a marketing strategy? 

Before planning your marketing plan, you have to ask yourself some questions. Your self-questionnaire list should include the following: 

  • What are the characteristic features of your target market? 
  • What are your competitors doing for the business development? 
  • Is there any perfect business strategy to follow? 
  • How can I develop positive changes in the existing products and services for the overall business development? 

What is ‘P’ marketing strategy? 

If you are planning to start your international trade, then you must understand the ‘P’ of marketing strategy. It will decide the fate of the company or organization. So let us discuss it in detail. It is as follows: 

  • Product: Create the strategy according to the features of the product or services. It should highlight the benefits of your company. Companies such as Kunal International India are successful in the industry as they successfully highlight the products and services they want to give to their customers. Promotion: Performing the promotional activities will help your product in gaining the required publicity. So spend your time and resources on promotions. 
  • Place: Select the delivery model of your product or service. It should be unique and easily accessible for your customers. For example, Companies such as Kunal International India have been providing quality services to their customers for many years, which has helped them in becoming one of the best industry leaders. 
  • Payment: Understanding the complexity and the factors involved in the overall transactions. You should have accurate information about the finances related to your trade business. 
  • Staff: Your staff should have the necessary skills and educational qualifications to handle the operations related to your business. Try to give them exposure to develop their business. 
  • Planning: To make your business successful, you should have a proper plan. Create different departments for the business, markets, account, and sales operations. A diverse hierarchy in the business will help create a professional environment at work. 
  • Documentation: If you are starting your business, then your priority should be completing the necessary paperwork. It may require time, but once you have completed all the official work, you can be tension free. 
  • Policies: Your trade business should have proper policy design, such as privacy policy, terms, and conditions, etc., to create a professional and safe environment. 
  • Risk evaluation: Before starting any business, you should properly analyze all the risk factors related to it. It will help in the proper functioning of the company. 

What are the basic constituents of a market strategy plan? 

Before designing your marketing strategies, you should ask a few questions yourself for better clarity. They are as follows: 

  • What is the specialization and environment of the industry? 
  • Which section of the people can I target through my products? 
  • What are the areas or locations that I can target? 
  • Which segment of the industry shall I focus on to earn profits?

Now let us discuss a perfect market plan. It is as follows: 


Your marketing strategy should have a proper summary of the services and products you are providing to your customers. It should highlight the type of activities that you are planning to give the customers. 

Survive analysis: 

Your strategy must contain all the important information related to the services you are planning to provide. It should contain the factors that will influence the sales, selling points, and buyers’ perspectives. 

Market analysis: 

You should include a proper summary of the market analysis for the clients in the strategy document. The analysis will help in creating a proper strategy for your future opportunities. 

Competitive analysis: 

Just like any other industry, the import and export business is filled with competitors. So before initiating your business, you should have proper knowledge about competition in the market. Create strategies, designs plans, and hire professionals to tackle the ever-growing competition in the market. 


There are many companies, such as Kunal International India, that have been working in the field for several years. Their experience and work are an example for all the newcomers. Now, if you are planning to initiate your own company or organization, then create a smart strategy. It will decide the future of your project, so be careful. You can also contact a professional in case of any requirement. 


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