Math Puzzle Unblocked Games

If you’re stuck at work and are looking for a way to kill some time, you can try Math puzzle unblocked games&Retro Bowl Unblocked Games 911. Some of these games include Fraction Man, Genius Boxing, Upright JiJi, and Computation Castle. If these games don’t work in your browser, you can try Mathdoku or Unblock-It.

Genius Boxing

Genius Boxing is a fun game that requires you to use math skills. The first step is to click on a button with a number on it. The number will display how many lives the player has remaining. When the player punches the bag, they lose a glove and the game ends when they have no gloves left.

This game is simple, but requires quick thinking, concentration and accuracy. It is a good brain exercise for young children as well as adults. As you play, the levels get harder. You can play the game in 3 modes. Each one will require different amounts of time.

Fraction Man

This game is designed to teach children fractions by converting them into pictures. Players draw fractions from one person to another. Once they finish drawing, they can then store them on their device. This game is a great way to reinforce math concepts while playing an unblocked gamecool math games unblocked 66. It’s fun and free for children of all ages!

Fraction Man is a great game to reinforce concepts of fraction identification, reduction, and equivalent fractions. You play as Tony Fraction, a pizza shop owner. Customers will order pizzas that contain odd fractions of their toppings. Your objective is to fill as many orders as you can in five minutes, which means you’ll need to use your fraction identification skills to succeed.

Upright JiJi

The Upright JiJi Math puzzle unblock game targets students’ spatial temporal reasoning ability and introduces addition and subtraction. It also targets students’ ability to think in a multi-step manner to solve problems. The game involves matching shapes and paths. The player must be able to correctly use the set of operators to complete a level.

This game also develops conceptual understanding of volume and its relationship to other variables. It requires students to identify an expression that matches a certain pattern by entering unknown values. The students must learn how to multiply fractions by solving problems using variables and expressions, and also learn how to calculate the volume of objects.

Computation Castle

This game will challenge you with fractions, measurement, place value, and exponents. It will make you think, while having fun. This math puzzle game will even have you reversing a spell that turned the royal family into animals. It will also test your memory and math skills.

Calendar Clowns

The game Calendar Clowns is a fun way to learn about calendar navigation. Players need to remember the names on the plaques in order to find their way in the game. The game ends when the player marks up the entire calendar. To progress to the next level, players can try harder material.


If you’re in the mood to solve a puzzle, then Math puzzle unblocked games may be just what you need. These games often use different methods for solving the problems. For instance, Mathepillar involves positioning a caterpillar to catch falling numbers. This game includes nine stages that challenge you to learn different counting methods. The stages begin with counting one to ten and progress to counting by two, three, and four.

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