Matte Vs Glossy: What to Pick?

Do you know the big debate in the interior décor world now? It’s about Matte vs. Glossy. There are many types of finishes that homeowners can choose from, but mostly picking between matte and glossy is a tough choice. Theoretically, as defined by the top home interior designers matte finish surface has a roughened, unpolished and dull look that reflects scattered light in the space. The best part about matte surfaces is they are more pigmented and they can seamlessly hide imperfections. In addition, applying the next coat of paint for matte finishes is relatively easier. 

However, glossy finish surfaces are smoother. They have reflective layers of acrylic or oil that make the surface shine and reflect light evenly. Undoubtedly, they are also easy to clean, but they cannot hide imperfections. Also, applying the next coat of paint for glossy surfaces is challenging. If you have come to a halt during your home renovation because you have to pick between Matte and glossy, here’s a guide for you! Let’s break it down to find out which finish is right for your home! 

Why can Matte be your mate?

When you are choosing bold colors to accentuate your simple interiors, matte can be your option to pick. Matte finishes don’t reflect bumps, scratches, scrapes, and imperfections on a matte wall are barely noticeable. Vibrant finishes in matte also bring a load of character to your room. Especially when you are creating something vintage, choosing a matte finish can give you a lot to play around with. While glossy finishes can often look overdramatic in your interiors, matte finishes can pack just the subtle amount of drama you need to play with. If you don’t like excessive brightness, and you are a fan of accessorizing your walls, matte is the holy grail. Matte surfaces absorb light and diffuse it instead of reflecting it.

Why dive into the glossy town? 

If you have a cramped-up space that you want to make look bigger, a glossy finish is your answer. A glossy finish is ideal for spaces with vibrant hues. Even when you are applying darker shades of grey and pastels, you can choose a glossy finish to bring the look of your room to a fresher, cleaner, and sleeker level. Glossy finishes are easy to work with as they provide a lot of scope for experimentation, and they are easy to clean as they have a glass-like surface. Want a modern, high-maintenance, sleek look? Go for glossy blindfolded.

The bottom line

Matte finishes cost slightly less than glossy finishes. Glossy textures can create an entire look, whereas matte furniture can accentuate your ambiance by creating a statement. You can pick any finish you want, but the key lies in not overdoing anything. Consult the best home interior designers in Delhi if you still think picking the finish is tricky. Experts are just a click away! 

Asees Mehtab

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