MCA UV Absorber UV-320

MCA UV Absorber UV-320
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The MCA UV Absorber UV-320 is a versatile, high-efficiency light stabilizer with excellent ultraviolet absorbing and low volatility properties. It is an excellent choice for protecting organic pigments and polymers from UV radiation and maintaining the original appearance and physical integrity of molded articles. It is compatible with unsaturated polyester and PVC. Among its other applications, UV-320 is also used in the manufacturing of medical and food-grade plastics.

MCA UV Absorber UV-320

Benztriazole UV absorbers are an important part of the protection for plastics and coatings from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. UV-320 is a low-volatility UV absorber and is highly effective for protecting polymers and organic pigments from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Suitable for PVC, it is also a good alternative to tinuvin 320. Its high UV-absorption capacity and stability make it an excellent choice for these applications.

Tinuvin 1130 is an organic UV absorber with absorption peaks at 305 and 345 nm. It is also suitable for use in transparent polymers because it does not exhibit visible absorption. It protects the material from the damaging effects of UV radiation without compromising its chemical or mechanical properties. Tinuvin 1130 was one of the few substances to protect against UV radiation and preserve its properties.


Synsorb-284 is a widely used emulsion UV absorber, primarily in the cosmetic industry. It is also widely used in the processing of polyamides, acetals, and polyolefin fibers. It is known to be highly effective at absorbing UV light ranging from 240-340nm. In addition, Synsorb-284 has good light-stability properties, making it an excellent choice for use in a variety of sunfast products.

Despite its low volatility and strong Light Stabilizer UV-320, the synthetic polymer used in the manufacturing of Synsorb-284 has an excellent absorption capacity. It protects polymers and organic pigments from ultraviolet rays, and preserves the physical integrity of molded articles. Synsorb-284 UV Absorber UV-320 is available in a variety of applications, including textile, plastic, and organic materials.

Tinuvin 320

Tinuvin 320 UV Absorber is an efficient light stabilizer. It is widely used in organic and plastics. Its low volatility and strong absorption ability of ultraviolet radiation makes it an excellent choice for protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation. It is available in a 25-kg cardboard drum. Here are the uses of Tinuvin 320:

It prevents the degrading effect of ultra-violet rays. It works by converting high-energy rays into harmless thermal energy. Various types of polymers can be absorbed with different amounts of Tinuvin 320 UV Absorber. Let’s take a closer look at the composition of this UV absorber. The absorption capacity of the material depends on the chemical structure.

UV 328 metabolites

The adsorption and metabolism of UV 328 is studied in this study to determine the possible biomonitoring options. The authors show that the exposure to UV 328 causes slight differences in first-pass metabolism. The metabolites were detected in blood samples of volunteers after eight hours and 48 hours. The levels were low for each metabolite and were attributed to contamination of the samples by solvents and applied devices. Because the metabolites were so small, their influence on the study results was negligible.

The authors estimated that the metabolite concentrations of UV-328 in soil were low. The metabolites of UV-328 were detected in soil samples from October 2010 to October 2011. However, they excluded January and February 2011 data due to sampling difficulties in Shandong. They used dynamic curve fitting to estimate the DT50 of UV-328 in soil in both treatments. Using the same approach, a similar study was conducted in Shandong from October 2006 to 2011.

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