Meet The Converse x Baku Sneaker That Changes Color When It Gets Stained

Converse is releasing a new sneaker that changes color to indicate when it’s stained! This technology is intended to help prevent future problems caused by the color fading in sneakers.

What makes the Converse x Baku Sneaker different from other sneakers?

The converse x Baku Sneaker is one of a kind. It features a unique construction that allows the color of the sneaker to change when it gets stained. This allows for a more personal and unique experience when wearing the sneaker. The Converse x Baku Sneaker is made up of several components: a rubber sole, an outer upper and inner upper. The internal upper features a unique color changing technology through the use of dye on the inner surface of the sneaker. When you step into it, the dye begins to seep in and change the shoe’s color.

While this may make for a more fashionable sneaker at first glance, it also makes these sneakers much harder to clean and maintain rest of your life. Most likely after 3 months or so you will have to replace them if you don’t want stains all over your sneakers.

How to tell how dirty a sneaker is

If you’re like most sneaker enthusiasts, you love collecting and wearing sneakers that look their best. But, like any other piece of clothing, your sneakers can get dirty over time. If you want to know how dirty a sneaker is before you buy it, read on for tips on how to tell how dirty a sneaker is.

If the sneaker is new or has never been worn outside, it will be clean. If the sneaker has been worn outside and gotten wet or dirty, it will most likely have dirt and mud on it. If the sneaker has been worn outside and gotten dirty but not wet, it may have some dirt and mud on it but will also have some light sweat on it. If the sneaker has been worn outside and gotten dirty and wet, it will most likely have dirt and mud all over it and might even have holes in it from where the water got in.

A before and after of getting your shoes lightly stained

If you’re anything like us, your shoes are your most prized possessions. After all, who doesn’t love a good pair of kicks that can turn any outfit into a masterpiece? But what happens when those kicks start to take on a little color? Whether it’s accidental or intentional, shoe staining is inevitable. That’s where the converse baku sneaker comes in. This collaboration between the two brands features a light-up sole that changes color depending on how much dye is applied. So whether you’re a red-head with pink shoes or someone with olive skin and blue sneakers, there’s bound to be a perfect fit!

How does the sneaker change color?

Converse x Baku sneakers are changing color when they get stained. This is done with special dye that the sneaker company put in the fabric. The dye reacts with their sweat to create different colors. For example, black Converse shoes may turn brown. Some people like the color change while others don’t.

Where are Converse made?. It is a very popular shoe so most people know where Converse comes from and that it is made in America. They were originally created in a mill town in Massachusetts called Hampshire, but today they are mostly made in factories overseas. But if you look closely, there is a red line on the heel of some of them which shows that they are still American made!

The future of this sneake

There’s a sneaker that’s changing color with each stain. Meet the Converse x Baku Sneaker, which is made of a special fabric that reacts to various liquids, making it one of the most unique sneakers on the market. Whether you spill coffee on them or grape juice, the sneakers will change color to match the liquid. The vibrant colors are sure to make a statement, and they’re perfect for any fashion-savvy individual.

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