Mental Health Books For Children: Find The Perfect Story

Mental Health Books For Children

Lately, the world has started recognizing mental health a little more. However, what are we doing to maintain our mental health at our individual levels? Maybe nothing. But it’s high time now! We shall not ignore our mental health, especially of our kids. They are the future of the country. Moreover, if they experience anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue at an early age, they may not be able to live soundly as adults. Luckily, we have many tools to assist us in coping with emotions. And one of the best solutions is mental health childrens books.

On this account, we, in this blog, will make you near and dear with some of the best mental health childrens books. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into it. 

List Of Mental Health Childrens Books

In the following paragraphs, you will get familiar with some of the best names of books that you can take advantage of. 

Andie & the Worries- Anxiety Book For Kids 

Andie, the elephant, has a happy life in the woods with his friends and family. But Andie is concerned.

Andie & the Worries illustrates how Andie copes with his concerns. Andie can put worries aside by excavating a “worry hole” and practicing mindfulness with family and friends. Together with Andie, this anxiety book for youngsters will help them control their fears. This book is available at Silver Lining Stuffies. They, along with the book, also offer mental health stuffed animals. So, if you go for this book, you can make your child comfortable with the help of Andie— a stuffed animal. 

Andie has long, weighted arms that are ideal for embraces. A mini-blanket is tucked into their back pocket so that when Andie and their little companion can’t be together, they can always experience Andie’s comfort.

What’s going on inside my head?

Molly Potter and Sarah Jennings offer this book to make our mental health right. What’s Going on in My Mind? is an excellent discussion starter when discussing great mental health with your child. It tackles many typical childhood difficulties, such as how to cope with emotions, what to do if someone bothers you, and how to be a good friend. The book is suited for youngsters in lower Key Stage 2 and is filled with colorful drawings of everyday events, such as playground conflicts and family arguments. There is step-by-step guidance to coping tactics like mindfulness and meditation, as well as a handy parents’ section with lots of advice for encouraging emotional literacy towards the back.

Frankie & Gloob- Childhood Depression Book For Kids

Frankie the hippo enjoys rock climbing and competing in dancing competitions with his buddies. But sometimes Frankie gets visits from their sorrowful monster, “Gloob.”

Frankie & Gloob is an excellent book for each youngster who has their own unhappy monster. Together with Frankie, this children’s book about depression can help youngsters handle their melancholy. Further, in this book, Frankie teaches your child how to deal with their own gloobs— making it one of the best mental health childrens books. Going for the combo of books and stuffed animals will be ideal for your child. This is because, with stuffed animals, he will get the comfort and warmth he needs while understanding how to cope with difficult emotions. This combination is available at Silver Lining Stuffies. 

I Can’t Sit Still! Living With ADHD

Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso wrote the story, while Marta Fabrega drew it.

In the first-person perspective of this picture book, Lucas discovers that ADHD is why he screams out the answer to arithmetic problems in class and struggles to obey kickball rules. His doctor prescribes medication and measures to help him better. “It gives a clear description of typical symptoms and therapies in kid-friendly words,” a Child Mind Institute specialist said. The parent’s guidance at the conclusion of the book is very helpful. This book is ideal for kids of age 5-9.

You are Awesome by Matthew Syed

In educational settings, resilience – the capacity to overcome failures and continue when things are difficult – is a significant term. Former table tennis Olympian Matthew Syed emphasizes in You Are Awesome developing children’s confidence and perseverance, as well as helping them believe in themselves and recover from errors. The book includes anecdotes of Matthew’s personal journey from a sports beginner to representing Great Britain. Besides, it incorporates stories about notable ‘failures’ like Steve Jobs and Dwayne Johnson. It will assist your youngster in trusting in their own strengths and developing self-esteem by providing several examples, pictures, and bullet points.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Poppy O’Neill crafts this book to help your kids have healthy minds. This book intends for youngsters aged 7 to 11. Exams, friendship troubles, bodily changes, and an awareness of physical beauty can cause stress. It employs cognitive behavioral therapy approaches established by child psychologists to assist youngsters in learning how to overcome anxious thoughts and sensations.

This is all for the list of mental health childrens books. Although we can add more to the list, these are awesome of teh best names you can find in this category. Choose which suits best for your child. However, if you go for the combination of mental health stuffed animals and books, switch to the website of Silver Lining Stuffies. Going through their testimonials will give you the confidence that they offer the best books along with stuffed animals. 

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