Menu Items at Hungry Howie’s That Will Infuriate Your Nutritionist

Nutritionists tend to face an uphill battle these days, since people have so many fast-food temptations that can easily destroy any reasonable diet. That’s why you can really annoy your nutritionist a lot when you let them know that you often go to fast-food joints. Even regular folks realize that fast-food restaurants in general are just bad places for healthy food. 

That’s true whenever you visit Hungry Howie’s. The entire menu is filled with too many unhealthy choices, regardless of how hard you point out that the food options are delicious while the prices are affordable. It’s just that in general, you get too much in terms of calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats. 

And if you really want your nutritionist or your doctor seeing red, you can go and order the worst of the worst and pick these truly unhealthy items off the Hungry Howie’s menu: 

Spicy Chicken Bacon Ranch Deep Dish Pizza

It’s true that you can order a large cheese pizza for $10.56 only, and you’re good to go. But deep-dish pizza is just that type of pizza to really make your nutritionist frustrated. Deep-dish pizza basically means you get more layers of the fatty cheese and the marinara sauce that really piles on the sodium. 

A single slice of this pizza loads you up with 470 calories, along with 8g of saturated fat and 630mg of sodium. And can you really stick to just a single slice, especially when the pizza tastes this good? If you end up with 3 slices (and that’s a reasonable estimate), that means you consume 1,410 calories, 24g of saturated fat, and a whopping 1,890mg of sodium. Read More

Large Turkey Club

Some might say that a sub can be a healthier option in fast-food joints, and many actually say that with quite a few turkey subs. But that’s not really true with the Large Turkey Club in Hungry Howie’s. None of the subs at this place can actually qualify as “healthy”, but this option is the worst of the lot. 

This sub comes with 840 calories, along with 46g of fat. That includes 13g saturated fat, which is the same amount of saturated fat you get from 2 huge butter pats. 

What’s more, you also get 1,890 mg of sodium, which is the same amount of sodium you get from the 3 slices of the Spicy Chicken Bacon Ranch Deep Dish Pizza. That’s also the amount of sodium you get when you end up eating 166 potato chips! 

Deep Dish 3-Cheeser Howie Bread

You probably should just avoid anything with “deep dish” in its name, if you’re trying to eat healthy at a fast-food joint. Each piece of this bread comes with 140 calories, along with 2.5g of saturated fat and 220 mg of sodium. And chances are high that you don’t just eat one piece.  Also Read car on rent in Gurgaon

Then there’s the 4-ounce side of marinara sauce that comes with this bread. Finish that off as well, and you’ve just added another 490 mg of sodium. 

Spicy Chicken Salad

Some might say that a salad is generally a healthier option when you’re at a fast-food joint. While that’s true in general, there are some exceptions. When you factor in the particular toppings and dressings, the numbers for the calories, fats, and sodium can really go overboard. 

And the Spicy Chicken salad here at Hungry Howie’s is unfortunately one of these exceptions. It comes with 930 calories. It comes with 52g of fat, which is the same amount of fat you get from eating 17 Oreo cookies. The fat amount includes 18g of saturated fat, and that’s like swallowing 3 tablespoons of butter. 

Then there’s the 2,220mg of sodium, which basically guarantees that you will go over your healthy sodium limit for the day

Original Howie Wings with Asian Sauce

None of the wings available at Hungry Howie’s can actually qualify as healthy, either. You’re better off just avoiding this type of food when you’re watching your diet. And if you do have a wing craving you can’t just deny, you can just get your favorite flavor and simply limit the number of wings you consume. 

Hopefully, you don’t go with the Original Howie Wings with Asian Sauce. Each wing comes with 80 calories and 375mg of sodium. This is another type of food that’s hard to limit to just one piece, so these numbers will just get higher. 

Steak and Cheese Howie Rolls

There is simply no healthy option among the Howie Rolls. They all have similar nutritional profiles, and they’re all bad. 

And the Steak and Cheese is most probably the worst. Each piece gets you 640 calories, 560mg of sodium, 9g of saturated fat, and even 1g of trans fat. And if you dip these rolls in the garlic sauce, you’re adding even more saturated fat.  Read More

Howie Brownie Original with Salted Caramel Sauce

There’s no healthy option for dessert here at Hungry Howie’s. This brownie is just bad, with its 290 calories and 235 mg of sodium. What’s really bad is that it also comes with 33g of sugar. That’s like putting 8 and ¼ cubes of sugar into your coffee! 

All in all, you really want to limit your visits to fast-food joints if you’re keeping a close watch on your diet. And if you do find yourself at Hungry Howie’s, at least don’t maximize the damage to your health by ordering any of the items on this list! 

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