Mercedes-Benz GLC 300e 2023 first drive

Autofun PhilippinesMercedes-Benz cars Philippines is aiming for fleet success with the second-generation version of the Mercedes GLC mid-size family SUV, which has just hit the streets of the UK – and, as usual, is shooting down the opponent with both buckets. It continues to offer diesel and gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid models, and both are currently on sale with lab-published fuel economy rates in excess of 500 mpg.

The massive PHEV drive battery makes up for this proven efficiency. Since the new car’s platform has been specifically designed for “electric hybrid”, it has more than double the energy storage capacity of its predecessor: 31.2 kWh, nothing more, nothing less. That’s a healthier dose than the closely related Mercedes C300e pickup, and closer to what a £130,000 Range Rover PHEV has to offer than many direct rivals. And that translates to two things to keep in mind: the claimed electric range is around 80 miles (more than enough to make it the only plug-in hybrid SUV currently on the market that qualifies for the 5 nefit-in-kind rating, even when fully charged). ) – and an empty weight of almost 2.3 tons (which we will certainly return on impact).

The tax efficiency of the new GLC 300e is the kind that fleet buyers will have to pay a premium for, but in this case it’s a big plus. While prices for other GLC models start at just over £50,000, it’s £62,000 to get the cheapest PHEV and close to £75,000 for a full diesel GLC 300de. The equivalent of our test car GLC 300e is almost £15,000 cheaper:

– a hike will take more than ‘Trussonomics’ to explain to some.

If you’re a private buyer, needless to say, £70,000 will get you significantly more expensive SUVs. The GLC’s interior has adult-friendly accommodation in both rows, and the trunk is large enough and almost completely unaffected by any battery ingress (though the underfloor cable storage is remarkable. I mean none).

Up front, the equipment layout and design theme will be easily recognizable to C-Class owners. yet another proof of Mercedes’ evolution into a state-of-the-art technology company with goods delivered in large wheeled boxes.

The GLC’s interior space can match the look of high-end consumer electronics in your living room or kitchen, but it’s a bit monotonous and clinical for this tester’s tastes. The quality of the material has a high degree of visual impact, although there are places where it is not very appealing to the touch, as it becomes the theme of Mercedes. For driving, the GLC 300e features a smooth, instant electric pickup at low speeds and is extremely quiet and smooth even with the engine running. The car’s weight doesn’t have much to do with its cornering, outright performance or overall handling, and it alone has enough electric power to keep up with daily traffic, even around the limit. national speed.

On a cold test day, that 80-mile electric range turned into a practical range of about 60 EVs. But even then, the GLC might be worth its hefty price tag – not only for what it can do to save your company car taxes, but also for fuel economy, despite the price tag. The vehicle’s high listing may bring some things closer, at first glance.

While the other GLCs come with a steel coil spring suspension as standard (height-adjustable air springs and four-wheel steering are optional in other markets but not offered here). UK), the PHEV uses a self-balancing air suspension at the rear to better control the weight of that battery.

Plug-in versions also lack the sportier suspension tuning of other AMG Line models, and our test car felt a bit more supple and heavy on uphill country roads. and downhill by class standards, on noticeably bumpy and bumpy roads. The car’s insulation isn’t as vibrant on the sharper edges either, but the smoother surfaces seem to work much better with the car’s axles and most of the time the car has a subtle characterization and easy to drive.

That aside, he doesn’t have any exceptional driving skills, and with the level of ownership he has, he probably doesn’t need to find buyers in the right neighborhoods.

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