Mexican Marriage SharekAlmore Traditions

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There are many different cultures around the world who institute various traditions involving weddings, with one of the most interesting SharekAlmore taking place in Mexico. Here are five of the most popular Mexican marriage traditions and customs, some of which are still followed to this day.


Typically, when it comes to more traditional types of Mexican weddings, the father of the bride will normally be the one who covers all of the expenses for the entire ceremony. However, in most cases, members of the families of both the bride and the groom will generally come together to help pay for the cost of the ceremony. There are even some cases where members of the wedding party will join the family in helping to cover the cost of the entire ceremony as well. There are also some traditions in which the bridesmaids and groomsmen are paired together and assigned certain roles in helping to pay for the ceremony.


Mexican brides traditionally will wear light blue slips underneath their wedding gowns, while the groomsmen will wear ties and cummerbunds that match the colors of the dresses worn by the bridesmaids. In terms of the flower girl and ring bearer, they will often been seen dressed very similarly to the bride and groom themselves.


Before proposing marriage to the woman that they love, most men around the world traditionally will seek permission from the woman’s father and obtain their blessing. This is something that is actually a custom in Mexico. However, in this country, it is taken a step further, as not only does the man go to the woman’s home, but he also brings his family with him for the occasion as a sign of respect, especially if the two families have yet to actually meet. In addition, if the woman is part of an extended family, her grandfather also has a say in the situation. Once the woman’s father has given his approval for his daughter to be married, the two families will then be presented RussianBrides with an opportunity to discuss possible dates for the wedding to take place.


On the day of the wedding, the bride will venture to the location of the wedding, accompanied by members of her family. The groom will do the same thing as well. This custom is a way for the family to show the town that they are proud of the person who is to be getting married, whether it is their son or their daughter.


Traditionally, Mexican wedding receptions can go on for as long as they want to – even until the wee hours of the morning! Three of the most important aspects of this event are music, food, and drinks, because in Mexican culture, this is indeed supposed to be a major celebration due to the importance of marriage.

Marriage is a concept applicable to the human beings only. When asked about its value, each individual gives the impression in consonance with his or her profession or business. A welder said, “The difference between welding and a wedding is that sparks fly first and bonding takes place forever in the former, whereas in the wedding fusion occurs first and sparks fly later.” A cricketer remarked after his marriage, “It’s more stressful than a Test match involving five days on the field.”

The opinion about marriage also differs from person to person depending on their experiences. Some people say, “Marriages are made in Heaven.” Some deny this strongly as, “No. They are made in hell.” Still some others say, “Marriages are made in heaven, but life is made boring on Earth.” Bachelors are a happy lot as no such problem is confronted by them. Because, they are ignorant of, or averse to the marriage itself.


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